Jewish ways....

why r they this way. no honor. no fight. nothing buy up all the tv networks and post lies...  ever see the channel story? iy went from energy like oxygen we all use to how we all need black slaves to save America.. no shit. i was so disgusted. ever channel. prizes niggreos. why? never w a black wife they cut her out yet again. even thou grand mothers rasie black childen. will they be albel to run america w no white whitr men? i dont see how. and no one says a word.  whitr men can't speak up  lityle boys on girls teams. im not old fashioned.  but damn. hideous thinking 🤔  qe all say nothing. i told u trump wpuld be remembered as a racist hitler.. makes ypu yhink if hitlet was evil as they say.. ever see the commerical for help the jewish women w good boxes? funny. those women are real jews. religion harckings to this why infollow no gods or churches. why. its all made up bs. this isnt about that. its about how far yhese mem push this racist agenda 😒   makes

meme dumpo

meme dump

in south korea