Why is everyone forgetting that the government CONFIRMED the existence of FREAKING aliens?

1.everyone uses their phones
2.phones have shitty optics
3.even though HD camcorders are a thing people don't carry them around like they did in the 90s, people who buy camcorders usually have kids and want to film family events

If phones had camcorder optics you would see some great stuff, you can't even get a pic of a plane with a phone cam even though its HD

also sightings never went down, they went up in 2008 when people were out of work and have went up again during the virus

more people are indoors looking down so it comes in waves now, in the 60s-90s people were constantly out and about
This was the one filmed shortly after Fravor's tictac encounter low to the water during the Nimitz incident.

This is the real video of importance. It very clearly looks like a solid tictac of some kind.

Because the vast majority of humanity aren't prepared for alien disclosure, whites are, it's been in our popular culture for decades. However, can you imaging telling billions of people in the Middle-East, Africa and Asia with deeply rooted belief systems that everything they have ever believed in was a load of horse shit? There would be mass civil unrest and panic.

I hope I live to see aliens confirmed but that hope is fading as the years pass. It looks like they are going with the AI narrative instead because thankfully the world's religious masses haven't fully rejected technology.

Because no one cares.
They're not even doing anything cool .

They're not interacting with us face to face other than touching our buttholes at night when they knock us out.
They're not giving us space drugs
They're not giving us space pussy
They're just floating around in our sky being gay
They're not giving us amazing space tech