#Weathergate Enter the Hydra CIA and British Intel indirectly funding #BLM

Remember those commie terrorists from Weather Underground affiliated with the Black Panthers that started throwing Molotovs in the 1970s and 80s and graduated to bombing, robbery and murder that you've never heard about that we put in prison for life and the Clinton's pardoned? Of course you don't. Well, they're running, influencing and financing BLM now. And the rest of the Democratic Party lobbying is a communist hellscape.

Have a redpill anon, they said. Learn about the communists, they said. Wake up call motherfuckers. This is the literal Pandora's Box of communist influence in modern US society. Care to find out just how BLM is tied to Occupy Wall Street, rich oil barons, Walnut Sauce Tom Steyer, the Clintons, Obama, the fucking Sandanistas and just about every other Fund and NGO on the planet? Read on.

The Black Lives Matter movement (BLM) casts itself as a spontaneous uprising born of inner city frustration, but is, in fact, the latest and most dangerous face of a web of well-funded communist/socialist organizations that have been agitating against America for decades. Its agitation has provoked police killings and other violence, lawlessness and unrest in minority communities throughout the U.S. If allowed to continue, that agitation could devolve into anarchy and civil war. The BLM crowd appears to be spoiling for just such an outcome.

FAQ, latest efforts and the plan:

>CIA and British Intel indirectly funding BLM??
>see last bread for exhaustive list of other leads to be tracked down
>Anon5 joined us, fuck ya!
>Tying Hilldawg to Saul Alinsky, SDS and Weather Underground and possibly Antifa
>Still a lot of work to do to isolate the Hunt family and prove links that they are founders of BLM using Garcia and others as proxies
>We are now using SocNetV to map these networks--if you are serious and want to help, we can talk about access to the Git but RTFM https://socnetv.org/docs/index.html
>STILL need more research and digs
>DOs: READ THE OTHER BREADS, bump, provide high level analysis and suggest avenues we may have missed or forgotten about from previous breads
>DONTs: sperg out and be Captain Obvious without reading this shit. Yes we know 1000C finances BLM, that's not a revelation. Yes, there are Jews aplenty in these networks but it's not specifically about them. Pointing out that Soros is involved is a waste of our time, we know. And don't bother asking us what we hope to accomplish at this point.
>Once we have a comprehensive overview of these networks with SAUCE, we will spam the shit out of every rep, talking head and ally until somebody blows it open. It was pointed out in previous breads that the Feds probably know about all this shit but need public acceptance to actually do something about it without seemingly cracking down on "benevolent" organisations
>and thank you to every anon which has been a part of this to date, this isn't just a couple of us, we're a team


reply to OP to share all the links, QRDs, pics related and anything else which has been archived. Archive EVERYTHING. Thousand Currents and some other sites are already pruning their financials and some key pages--these fuckers are on to us already.

Triangle: person
Square: organisation
Circle: movement or temporary org
Diamond: product or publication
Red: known or highly suspected to be communist
Blue: DNC or DNC controlled (at the time of edge link)
Grey: unknown affiliation
Black edge (line): influence
Green edge: funding
Edges are weight and direction dependent. Heavier the line, the more cash or influence.


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I just remembered something.

Re: Tom Steyer


> Obama's fundraising swing through San Francisco on April 3 would bring him to two separate events: One at his favorite SF hangout, the Getty mansion on Billionaires' Row at 2870 Broadway in Pacific Heights, and immediately prior to that "a $5,000-per-person cocktail reception at the home of Kat Taylor and Tom Steyer," who just happens to also be a billionaire and big-league Democratic donor.

>Tom Steyer is a billionaire — but he's a left-wing billionaire who just happens to be the primary deep-pockets funder behind the anti-Keystone XL movement. He is hosting Obama for a multi-million-dollar fundraiser, and has Obama's ear. Furthermore, Obama himself at least mouths the verbiage of the anti-oil agenda, endlessly talking about "sustainable energy" and breaking our addiction to oil.

>The wealthy Democratic donors coo and purr and go along with whatever Steyer and Obama say. So it would seem that everybody inside the fundraiser is already opposed to the Keystone XL pipeline. But out on the streets are a thousand protesters demanding that...the president oppose the pipeline??!?!? ....

>So what's going on here? I discovered the surprising answer a short time later. Keep reading to learn the solution to The Mystery of Why Obama-Loving Progressives Are Pretending to Protest Against Him.

>.....This area of Pacific Heights is an unofficial "Embassy Row," and by a stroke of cosmic irony, across the street from Tom Steyer's house is the "Consulate General of the Arab Republic of Egypt," better known as the Egyptian consulate. The ironic part, of course, is that Egypt is an oil-exporting nation, and while its economy may not be as dominated by oil as are the economies of other Arab nations, petroleum products are still Egypt's largest export category.

>This explains how people who voted for Obama can be out in the street seemingly to protest "against" him. ...faux protesters colluding with Obama to create a Potemkin "movement" which he can then cite as justification for making an unpopular decision he already wanted to make anyway. "I had no choice — there's a mass movement against this pipeline! I must bow to the will of the people."

>...This explains not just today's anti-Keystone pipeline protest, but also much of what has gone on in politics since 2008. It explains the media's otherwise inexplicable glorification and attempted legitimization of the Occupy Wall Street movement; it explains the media's desperate demonetization of the Tea Party (so as to prevent the impression that it was a mass movement); it explains all sorts of outrages and protests and petitions and marches by the American far-left "against" a president whose agenda is identical to theirs. ...

>Turns out that of course they all know full well that he agrees with them, that he and they are all on the same side. The purpose is not to change Obama's mind, the purpose is to provide him with political cover to make bad or unpopular decisions, by fabricating hollow "popular uprisings" which he can then point to as indicative of overall public opinion.

>My speculations were confirmed the following day when I read the only report of what was said inside the fundraisers, as quoted by the only "pool reporter" allowed into the events:

>Steyer, who is a vociferous opponent of the Keystone XL oil pipeline and a strong supporter of climate-change legislation, appeared to try to ease concerns that Obama wouldn't keep the issue at the top of his agenda, as he has promised.

>"He is doing everything he can on the issues that we care about," Steyer told the group in his home. "He has political limitations...so we really have an obligation to help him."

>Until recently, those attacking the capitalist system as the cause of global warming were intentionally a little vague as to what will replace it if we are to solve the problem. But on Sunday in Oakland, that curtain was drawn back and the new system was finally revealed: Communism. Or at least hardcore socialism as Marx defined it -- the necessary transitional phase before true complete communism (i.e. no private property, no families, no individualism).

>Most countries we tend to think of as "communist" actually self-defined as "socialist": The USSR, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, for example, was (as its name reveals) socialist. I point out this detail in case anybody reading this article thinks that the "socialism" advocated at the rally was merely some kind of squishy soft-hearted semi-capitalism; no, it is the same type of socialism one finds in places generally thought of as communist.

>Below you will find irrefutable proof that communist ideologies, organizations and phraseologies have completely moved to the forefront of the "climate change" movement....

>This proof will necessarily entail posting a lot of photographs; in situations like this, the only way to conclusively demonstrate a point is through repetition of evidence. One could summarize the evidence with a few shorthand images, but that would leave open the possibility that the case was being overstated. To quash that counter-argument before it arises, I will post lots and lots and lots and lots of images from all over the rally, from the the sponsors, to the attendees, to the booths, to the speakers, to show beyond any doubt that the entire rally was thoroughly saturated with communism and socialism to the point where these ideologies were the overarching theme of the event.

> Ready? All the photos below were taken at the People's Climate Rally in Oakland on September 21, 2014.


Alliance for Global Justice (AFGJ)> Movement for Black Lives>Ford Foundation(CIA)


Commies>BLM we knew about AFGJ

BLM is part of the Movement for Black Lives Coalition (M4BL), a cutout created by the Ford Foundation, in other words, the CIA. It has called for “defunding police departments, race-based reparations, voting rights for illegal immigrants, fossil-fuel divestment, an end to private education and charter schools, a universal basic income, and free college for blacks,” according to its website.


Ford foundation link to CIA: https://ratical.org/ratville/CAH/FordFandCIA.html

That's what we're working on now.

dont think this is just a US problem, you are in this to
UK has an incredible data base system for charities and companies with people cross referencing. its amazing
US is like 50 crap systems, all different, some free, some not. and forget about finding charities.
just pick some group that annoys you and start digging
attached pict for motivation


It's Marxism applied to Culture and Race.
Of course the pscychos want us divided; but they exploit natural biological tensions; You can't accuse someone of racism if you do not acknowledge that the accused to be of a race different than the "victim".

So while many Anons may agree that this Race War is going to be the end of the Nation, we also recognise that Biological Competition and Evolutionary Strategies based on Genetic traits of Races do actually play out in Multi Ethnic and Cultural Nation-States.

Maybe a War with China will actually unite people and negate this racial conflict between People living in the same land but ...its pretty much over.

>Stop trying to look for a rational answer
You need this to play judgment. Without this there is no reason for anything. You need this to apply reason. The reason that you make. The reason of your purpose

>Those who dogmatically adhere to certain methods of viewing the world based on partitioning by group identity isn't to be taken seriously at any point.
Being in this world is necessary for any conscious thought and communication (picrel). This is necessary to make any distinction primarily political. Identity is a primary factor in manipulation of populations. That is the relevance I seek to highlight

>partitioning by group identity
group identity is also necessary to make cooperative relationships outside defined communities

>You may just as well assume the goal of their movements is the consequences rather than what they say
very true. This is the cause-effect rationality that must be identified. We might as well assume:
They no not the harm they do to themselves They no not the harm they do to themselves
They no not the harm they do to themselves

>I may be granting them too much in saying they have the rational capacity to conceptualize alternate, more functional approaches, but to retain my sanity even the slightest bit I'd like to assume this is the case and they're being willfully ignorant.
Exactly! They are not monolithically unified. There are actual issues that can be focused upon which they value and have disagreements. To do this cause-effect must be identified, then moral judgment must be applied, and a solution must be presented.

*big brain causality lecture in picrel

Ai-jen Poo was the 2000 recipient of an Open Society Institute New York City Community Fellowship, the recipient of the Ford Foundation Leadership for a Changing World Award.

On August 4th 2012 to celebrate Chinese Progressive Association (San Francisco)'s 40th Anniversary. CPA was proud to honor the National Guestworkers Alliance and New Orleans Workers Center for Racial Justice, the Free MUNI for Youth Coalition, and Jobs with Justice San Francisco.

The Chinese Progressive Association (San Francisco) Celebrates 45 years of Resilience and Resistance.

[[On Saturday, October 7, 2017, the Chinese Progressive Association (San Francisco) will celebrate our 45th anniversary with the theme, “Harnessing the Strength of a Thousand Rivers.

Host committee members were:

Fahd Ahmed, Alysabeth Alexander, Mike Casey, Myra Chow,Cathy Dang, Antonio Diaz, Supervisor Sandy Lee Fewer, Norman Fong, Conny Ford, Alicia Garza,George Goehl, Rudy Gonzales, Corinna Gould, Sherry Hirota, Dana Kawaoka-Chen, Helen Kim, Supervisor Jane Kim, Aarti Kohli, Laura Livoti, Gordon Mar, Xavier Morales, Vanessa Moses, Tim Paulson, Supervisor Aaron Peskin, Ai-jen Poo, and Mu Ping Poo, Supervisor Hillary Ronen, Saket Soni, Sarath Suong, Mabel Teng, Shiree Teng, Supervisor Norman Yee, Haeyoung Yoon, Miya Yoshitani, Anand Singh.[14]

The Chinese Progressive Association (San Francisco)

Chinese Progressive Association (San Francisco) members were invited to visit the People’s Republic of China a number of times, as an opportunity to visit their ancestors’ homes and to see socialism in action. Although the visiting members were aware that much of what they were shown was too perfect, this was also an opportunity to see the country where they found a viable alternative to capitalism in an age of restricted information.[1]


Heres a nice article about the history of weather underground and how leftist cells operated back then, really good for getting some perspective,.

And some points about the article are.

>The Left wants to disrupt the Right’s power, organizations, celebrations.

>The Right is sick of Leftist disruption and wants to punish it with force.

>The hard Left has an effective infrastructure. The hard Right is looking to build one.

>The hard Left will use the tactics it’s already using.

>The hard Right will use Leftist tactics, at which point the Press will become very interested in denormalizing those tactics.

>I’m guessing the Trump administration will try to eviscerate Lefty Institutions with budget cuts and the hard Left infrastructure with RICO.

>Look for lots of property destruction, by everyone. I would not be surprised to see innovative tactics used to destroy property.

>The press is a Lefty weapon and a Righty target.

>Everyone will have enemies’ lists. All of us are already on somebody’s.

>Effective Righty violence will be, by necessity, by loners or by really close conspiracies (think family members).

>Effective Lefty violence will be by capable, fully operating cells.

>If we get political violence between civilians, it’s mostly going to be low-level until it abruptly isn’t.

>Some suicidal mass murder types may copycat political violence and choose political targets.

Nadler needs to burn next to this cunt.

This shit happened right around when Soros was taking control of Hillary and the democrat party.

Boudin was one of those Clinton pardoned too.


the great majority of Blacks in the rural districts of the south are… potential allies of the Revolutionary proletariat. Their objective position facilitates their transformation into a revolutionary force, which, under the leadership of the proletariat, will be able to participate in the joint struggle with all other workers against capitalist exploitation… for that reason the party must consider the beginning of systematic work in the South as one of its main tasks… to accomplish this task, the Communist Party must come out as the champion of the right of the oppressed Black race for full emancipation. While continuing and intensifying the struggle under the slogan of full social and political equality for the Negroes, which must remain the central slogan of our party for work among the masses, the party must come out openly and unreservedly for the right of Blacks to national self-determination in the southern states, where the Negroes form a majority of the population…13” American black leaders were to be trained for work not only in the United States, but to foment unrest in colonies with Black populations elsewhere, and a number of them were sent to Moscow for training14.

this is a chunk of the paper, US history from the 1920s

>Reading also provided media with witness accounts of those at Murray’s home on the evening in question — Murray’s husband Michael Shiosaki, Lyle Canceko, Joe Loeffler, Adrian Matanza, Roger Nyhus and Maggie Thompson.
>Lyle Canceko
>Lyle joined the Obama Administration in 2009 as the Deputy Director of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships at the U.S. Department of Commerce. In 2010, he became the Director of Events for the National Export Initiative and in 2011 was appointed as Director of Outreach and Strategic Initiatives for the Commerce Department. Lyle previously worked for former Washington State Governors Chris Gregoire and Gary Locke as well as former Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and attended Trinity Lutheran College in Sammamish, WA.
>Moving into City Hall are communications director Stephanie Formas, new mayor’s office administrator Lyle Canceko, director of major initiatives Kylie Rolf and director of external relations Andres Mantilla.
Lyle Canceko, Adrian Matanza, and Michael Shiosaki are all, incidentally, Asian too. And Canceko and Locke served in the Obama administration together.

Also, completely forgot to mention this until now, but Gary Locke is on the Committee of 100. He also joined the board of PATH after Nyhus linked them up with all the juicy Chinese connections.


Murray and Shiosaki made trip to China shortly after getting married. Is Shiosaki Chinese perhaps?

>Illegal fundraising practices at a restaurant tied to Chinese organized crime
>In 1997, Locke was slapped with the maximum fine of $2,500 by Washington’s campaign finance watchdogs, for failure to disclose the names of cash donors from two out-of-state fundraisers, as well as other details. The reason given for the months-long delay (until after the 1996 election) was “human error” on the part of volunteers.
>But some questioned whether this violation had to do with some of the donors’ identities, and the location at which one of the fundraisers was held: Harmony Palace in New York City’s Chinatown.
>As the New York Times noted, Harmony Palace was co-owned by Chan Wing Yeong, consider the leader of the Ghost Shadows gang, called “the biggest, most vicious, most influential Chinese gang in New York,” with ties stretching back to China. The gang has been tied to contract murders, drug-running and extortion.

Wew lad

I work very hard on these report please share them and support me. i am making no money off of any of this

Posted this a couple days ago. Article from 1977 basically foreshadows 2020 events.

>Ford Foundation tasked to stop general revolt against the banks
>Uses Weathermen as shock troops inspired by Nazi SS.
>Ford Foundation uses rehab clinics to hypnotize and brainwash black radicals into fomenting large insurrection with the main mandate being to abolish the police and replace them with psychiatrists and counselors.
>Methods perfected by Rockefeller-funded British Intelligence
(Tavistock) used against American people.
>Strategy also based on auto-hypnosis techniques used by Baader-Meinhof in West Germany.
>Article suggests EU/Interpol connection to global communism.


Mass global brainwashing operation to get Biden elected and to pacify the masses in face of imminent global economic collapse. Not everyone will make it to the future.


https://archive.is/bLwQe Money and censorship at Reddit and Twitter

> Interesting find on /r/conspiracy:
> > The activist group Color of Change is pressuring Reddit's advertisers to defund the site … A Color of Change petition for advertisers to defund Reddit reached 32,000 signatures after Coontown was banned.
> https://np.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/3hyzu6/activist_pressure_on_advertisers_is_driving/

> SRS was running a campaign against Netflix at the same time as Color of Change. Is Color of Change the group behind SRS?
> > SRS has a sticky post about boycotting netflix right now…. fuck reddit

> Twitter executive Claire Diaz-Ortiz was in a financial relationship with Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King at the same time conservatives were being banned from Twitter for criticizing BLM.
> > The pattern is obvious. If you challenge Shaun King or Deray McKesson, you risk being permanently banned from Twitter. What we didn't understand was why?
> > We now know the answer, thanks to info provided to us by AmeriAnon. Shaun King is business partners with longtime Twitter executive Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@claire).
> http://www.joeprich.com/blog/2015/6/17/why-is-twitter-permabanning-critics-of-blacklivesmatter

Also, have the Avaaz spreadsheet https://files.catbox.moe/6k1vdz.xls

Cherry on top
>In 1989 State rep. Gary Locke, placed a congratulatory notice in the League of Revolutionary Struggle's East Wind on the passage of the Civil Liberties Act of 1988.[2]
>The League of Revolutionary Struggle was founded in 1978 and was the result of the merging of six Marxist-Leninist organizations: August 29th Movement, I Wor Kuen, Revolutionary Communist League, East Wind Organization, Seize the Time collective, and New York Collective. Those organizations in turn trace their roots to the Congress of Afrikan People, La Raza Unida Party and other oppressed nationality organizations of the 1960’s.

Announcement to everyone ITT: Gary Locke should honestly be considered a concrete tie to the CCP at this point.

More generally, anyone with ties to Seattle or WA state should be looked upon with suspicion.

Also look into League of Revolutionary Struggle.

>Also look into League of Revolutionary Struggle
>Current C-100 members who have served the U.S. government at high levels include, former general counsel for the Department of Homeland Security Ivan Fong, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Energy Robert Gee, former Commissioner of the Federal Maritime Commission Ming Chen Hsu, White House National Economic Council Senior Counselor Ginger Lew, former U.S. Secretary of Commerce and U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke, former U.S. Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce and current Maryland Deputy Secretary of Commerce Benjamin Wu, and former U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California Debra Wong Yang.
>The C-100 roster also includes a few representatives on the old Maoist revolutionary left.
>Gordon H. Chang, director of the Center for East Asian Studies at Stanford University (not to be confused with CCP critic Gordon G. Chang) joined C-100 in 2015. In the 1970s and ‘80s, he was a leader of the Maoist I Wor Kuen and the League of Revolutionary Struggle.

This article is a must-read. Goes into more depth about how C-100 is an instrument of CCP influence.

 Media anon with global journalist list.

See if someone can make a story out of this:

1. Sept. 11's '20th hijacker' claims members of Saudi royal family were al-Qaida donors

> Among them: Prince Turki Al-Faisal, then the Saudi intelligence chief; Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the longtime Saudi ambassador to the United States; and Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, a prominent billionaire investor.

2. March 20, 2002: SAAR Network Is Raided

> SAAR stands for Sulaiman Abdul Aziz al-Rajhi, a Saudi banker and billionaire who ... is on the Golden Chain, a list of early al-Qaeda supporters (see 1988-1989).

> Organizations and individuals targeted by the raid include:
> * The International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO)
> * The Muslim World League
> * International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIRT)
> * Tarik Hamdi, an employee at IIRT. His home is also raided. He carried a battery for a satellite phone to Afghanistan in early 1998, and the battery was used for Osama bin Laden’s phone

3. International Institute for Islamic Thought included Abdulhamid Abusulayman

4. Abdulhamid Abusulayman's daughter is Muna Abusulayman
https://www.emel.com/article?a_id=2716 https://archive.is/BuzLi

5. Muna Abusulayman is Secretary General of The Alwaleed Bin Talal Kingdom Foundation and is on the advisory board of Soliya

6. The board chair of Thousand Currents is Fahad Ahmad, COO of Soliya

7. Thousand Currents is running Black Lives Matter since September 2016.


i have wrote over 39,000 reports