This is what "civil war" will actually mean

The first time one of the mentally-ill leftists sees actual dead kindergartners, their own mutilated grandma hanging from a tree, thier innocent younger brother or sister raped out of their dinosaur pajamas time and time again before them, you know, all the things that happen in ACTUAL CIVIL WARS, they will abandon their lunatic cause and accept utter defeat.

Today's liberals literally have no fucking clue how horrible this will all ACTUALLY play out in reality. They have been pumped so full of "Marvel™" and "Star Wars™" and other feminist/soi bullshit, they think "War" and "Revolutions" are like they are in movies and TV, and it will be this fun thing that happens over 2 seasons of episodes.

In reality, "Civil Wars" are the single most brutal wars of all, and have death and destruction that are unimaginable to todays TV/Jew rotted brains.

IT will utterly collapse their psyche, on DAY-1 of their little civil war, they will have all surrendered after 1 night of crying themself to sleep knowing that they got goaded into fighting a war against "donald trump", "white-men" and all it did was get their family butchered, their life ruined and all the things it turns out they actually loved in life (Capitalist products) are vanished, traded for a life of indescribable suffering.

Also, when the little lefty-Civil war starts AOC, Bernie, Pelosi, Hillary, every single last Jew, And the entire Democrat party will be on the first planes out of the country, to watch the shit on tv. All the agitators will get off scott free. They will literally laugh at the Antifa/BLM idiots as their entrails are pulled from their body by Diesel trucks.

This is your lefty civil war

When it actually sinks in they started a 'real war' and they cant kick, scream, tattle-tale or call for help from the Jew media (which will have abandoned them or will be irrelevant), and the sight of human beings absolutely mangled by IED's, rifle-fire, shot guns, shrapnel, will overload them, causing them to implode into quivering shells of former people. You cant 'just go home and sleep it off in your own soft bed with your jammies on and protest again tomorrow after you catch up on game of thrones'.

you are talking about the softest most coddled generation in the history of the human race, ALL of them born in 1980 or forward, who have known NOTHING but toys, video games, 'sports', rap-music, central-air and heat, nice cars, clean comfy beds and bed sheets, snuggies, collecting Pokemon, cute cartoons, date-night, netflix and chill and on and on and on and on, and that the Pharonic luxury of American Capitalist life has been traded in for grinding your neighbors eyes sockets out with a saw because he Voted "Trump" or thought the USA should have a real border. People who can't change a fucking tire thinking they can wage war. and 'win'

Now the lefty must tend his own wounds, the hospitals are all full at 11x or 13x capacity with war casualties, humans torn into shapes previously found only in fake 'horror movies', but he must soldier on. His vans and his Nikes are ruined , but no more vans or air jordans are being made. thats over with. "Remove Trump" they told us, Remove him and the troubles would be over.

This is what "civil war" will actually mean

Just look at the comments for the pic lmao