I don't actually care that he's into young girls. My problem, more or less, is his treatment of them, his methods, and the fact that, like most internet predators, he goes around the back of parents and tries to lure girls away.
Those who do that have obviously clear malicious intent for the girls. Parents exist to protect their kids from danger, and while sex itself is not the danger, creeps that use and abuse young girls, and then likely discard them when something newer comes along, are a danger. By going directly to a child, you are intentionally bypassing that safety net, and your intentions are clearly harmful. Why else would you not want parental approval first?
I don't have an issue with adults shagging teens, and the concept of age of consent doesn't exactly jive with the rest of human history. But I do believe ultimately parents have the right to regulate it, and going around said parents to have sex with their kids, even as teens, is a violation of their rights and should result in very serious penalties when discovered, even if consensual.

Sam: needs to go directly to jail. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.