Women want to be validated, and there are two ways of doing that. One is seeking validation in a victim culture. That will have a woman falling into a spiral of self harm in order to get the approval of others. The other is a respect based system, Which forces people to improve themselves, and fight on their own merits. If you spent the last few years getting obese, slitting your wrists, and marching in the nude It's hard to earn respect.

Women who fall into that pit loose hope of returning, yet don't understand why they're in pain because they're also being validated by the same system that bleeds them dry. Women who try to earn respect are drawn here, and get hurt boxed. Basically, the left made a trap for women, and the only ones who can stop em are both of men and women working together. It's hard when pol considers them sub-human, but that pain spiral is so obvious to men that it's hard to take any of them seriously. Eh, I'm mad about it to the point of joining the militairy, and becoming a politician, but aside from that. I can't do anything.

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