Pick your Villain... Sheldon Adelson vs George Soros which is worse?

Pick your Villain... Sheldon Adelson vs George Soros which is worse?

Give me all your redpills on Adelson and Soros. Explain which one is the bigger fish.
OF the two if you had to pick to run USA which would you choose in 2020?
Granted they both tend to run things anyways irrespective of whom is in office.
But which one does the greatest harm around the world, not just the USA.
Details, give me details, I don't want just a QRD, I want the entire enchilada.
All of Soros' dirt and Adelson combined into one thread. Let's do this.
Any and all red pills on Las Vegas and Adelson are welcome as well as red pills on Saudi involvement.

Here's some thoughts...

Democrats like George Soros claim to hate money in politics, making Soros a hypocrite. That's the difference.
Adelson has never developed and USED an economic theory to topple their economy!
Because Soros has stated his desire to economically destroy America.

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