Out of Africa is a Myth, Notice the Odd Man Out

t's HAPPENING: Out of Africa is a Myth, Notice the Odd Man Out

If Humans originated out of africa, why do australian aboriginals and not sub-saharan africans retain the most archaic skulls?

The  skull is morphologically closer to the European and Asian skulls than the Australoid skull. Australoids are the earliest form of human since humans originated from Asia/Oceania.
they may have some according to recent studies, and the best explanation is backmigration from the early Eurasians/afrasians who mixed with neanderthals in the middle east around 60-70k years ago, which would also perfectly explain the particular position of haplogroup E and mtDNA L3 in Africa; the truly old African lineages are A and B, yet much of Africans carry variants of E which are nested overall in "Eurasian" diversity(E<DE<CT) and exploded in the last 70k years

OOA as its currently standing doesn't really do much of a favor to Africans; the latter as things stand essentially are the least "Eurasian" in the very selected and special sense that we know; possessing the most basal variation of sapiens effectively means that instead of belonging entirely or most to the advanced pioneers who were able to push neanderthals first off the middle east and then from Europe, go through painful yet very eugenic bottlenecks reducing our diversity to a very advanced and specialized subgroup, they carry on much of the ancestry of all those branches of sapiens that weren't really able to do much, and showed essentially no signs whatsoever of behavioral modernity or even technology more advanced than contemporary neanderthals
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