“Cracka” was a show that was announced June 19th, it’s preface is switching the roles of slavery and inciting racial conflict. Imagine a show called “N” where it just shows slavery in graphic detail.
Get the fuck over it dickheads, it’s been 155 years.

Let the shitposting begin. Time to get this shit cancelled before it even starts /pol/


Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a nazi

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Cracker is more deeply offensive. My ancestors fought for their freedom. Thousands of whites died for them. Calling their descendants whip crackers is the height of entitlement and ignorance.

jogger on the other hand is only offensive in connotation. It's just another derivative of the common words for black - negro. It's only as offensive as it is because joggers are Jewish pets.

>Blacks exploited in reality by whites as slave labor
>given freedom by those same whites
>100+ years later
>whites make a "what if" TV series about blacks doing the same thing to whites
>again whites exploiting blacks to make money but the blacks this time think it's entertainment

I gotta admit Democrats are REALLY fucking good at abusing blacks it's almost to the point I'd describe it as being an art. They enslaved them and when the blacks got freed the Democrats enslaved them AGAIN but this time they made sure that the blacks wouldn't realize they've been enslaved. GENIUS!
It's a pretty simple sell to most whites, only the most crazy and self hating would be comfortable that the POC-Jew alliance beats their meat to the thought of seeing their sisters, daughters and mothers gang raped by feral niggers.

1. Blacks and Jews want to rape and torture all "racists" for revenge

2. At the same time they claim all whites are racist

3. Blacks and Jews want to rape and torture you for revenge

Anyone that still goes along with the POC-Jew faction is already beyond saving.

cracka or cracker was the slave name for the overseer, usually poor, but sometimes indentured servant to plantation owner or slave holder. After slavery ended, those same racist pieces of shit that worked as slave catchers and overseers became cops but still have that "whip cracker" mentality, cucks that are too poor to be elite but consciously thinking they are by virtue of their skin. Still following "massa's" orders even though massa thinks your just as low as the n