I went to the city once as a teenager and got robbed at knifepoint by a group of black kids

I went to the city once as a teenager and got robbed at knifepoint by a group of black kids at the train station and even after this event I was not racist

but now, seeing the American flag burning and the 'fuck white people' graffiti and the petitons to change the name of the city of St. Louis...

I've just had enough. I've fucking had enough.

 we cannot live together anymore
The blacks in the US have committed:

Over 50% of all murders in the US
Over 50% of all robberies
Over 30% of all aggravated assaults

And they are 13% of the population.

There is the systematic problem that they need to address and protest. Stop the violent crime culture. 3 in 10 blacks have a felony record. 1 in 3 have been in prison.

That isn't racial oppression or discrimination, that is statistical fact.




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It's not a tinfoil hat. All media and all social media are pushing and encouraging this BLM stuff. Who owns the media and social media? Jews. All of the cities that are allowed to burn right now are Democratic run, and in support of Hillary. Who is Hillary? A jew. This isn't difficult to grasp friend, and this isn't even the tip of the iceberg. If you took one moment to research the Talmud or their practices of blood libel you would see what all these modern events are truly about.

I never hated blacks in my life but now I do

this whole BLM nonsense has made me pisst

Ironically, Americans have not a single fuck about someones race.
Black radio personality, been on the radio since 1980 in Dallas
He's explaining how racist and oppressive America is against blacks
>Says white people are the majority
>Says this causes a white society
>Says blacks are the minority
>Blacks have no credibility and are distrusted by whites
>Blacks are mistreated
>Blacks have to sacrifice to exist in this "white society"
>Blacks aren't given any opportunities to succeed
White radio personality: "can you give an example?"
>I just did, blacks are only 13% of the population
No, I mean an example of how you were treated differently?
>Black guy: "See you don't get it because you are white. You are the majority, we are the minority. We have to suffer and sacrifice and you get to make the rules."
White Guy trying to bail him out: "so what needs to happen to make you feel more equal?"
>Black guy: "We need to be the majority, we need to be in control, we need to make white people live in a black society."
What would black society look like?
>You still don't get it. You get to think like that because you are white. We have to struggle to survive.

Meanwhile affirmative action lowers the college entrance requirements for blacks. Affirmative action sets quotas for the numbers of blacks a company has to hire. Affirmative action makes it more difficult to discipline a black employee for violations than any other race.

They are spoiled children egged on by the pathetic liberals.

What happened to education being a personal responsibility, that’s what I was always taught. I don’t understand how people become so genuinely trusting of whatever they here or are told through media. Naively believing that they are being comforted and watched over. More over they won’t even contend with the notion they’re being taken for a fool and manipulated to not think for themselves. You can see it in their eyes they’ve never really grappled with horror, never allowed information to change them for the better. I guess it’s a testament to how good we have it but brainwashing has so clearly been going on for decades people just wont see it. It’s going so far in the opposite direction that black people are becoming a protected race. I’m blackpilled. It’s infuriating

Who could've thought that. You didn't feel included in the community of black rioters looting businesses and beating people up no matter their skin color, and the leftists cheering them on. So you drifted to the other end of the polarity scale.

It's truly a shock to my common senses. Unprecedented. I wonder how many papers of political science will be written to explain how you're a horrible racist and this occurence is an anomality to human nature.

No point getting racist about it, friend. The blacks are just being squeezed by the Democrats who promised them everything so long as they continued letting blacks die in police custody in Democrat cities.
all this BLM stuff has angered me. I feel like they are asking for so much and not taking any accountability for their actions. What have they done to deserve all this special accommodations and handouts? And now I see how hypocritical the media is criticizing trumps rally but being totally ok with with BLM marches. If they love their African heritage so much they should go back. There are lots of good black people but the majority of them just complain and act uncivilized.

The fact people rioted at all when Brown died still churns my stomach. There is video evidence of the big dumb ape charging a downed cop after chimping out at him. He literally earned a bullet from anyone. I still remember the fucking HE GOOD BOI HE CHURCH BOI news nonsense.

 Its crazy how these sociopaths who don't even care about the fuckers a week later will use any excuse to steal shit and be violent.

checked for veritas
80% of blacks I've met over the age of 45 have been decent.
It's less than the converse of that for younger (less than 20%)
the propaganda works remarkably well, and I don't wonder why. But to be fair the number of worthless whites seems to be a lot larger than even 10 years ago.

 Never seen or heard any racist shit towards my black friends as we hung out together everyday for over a decade. When I got older, my father and brother were robbed at an airport with guns in their mouths and all. 2 years later my father and I witnessed a robbery from our local drugstore (still predominantly white area, just low income). Now that I've gotten older, I've simply moved away from those areas. I don't think all black people are looting, crime causing animals, I just know that if I stay away from and not associate with them as often or at all, those chances of being involved in crime goes down drastically.

But there's no way for someone to post that online without it being taken out of context. The left simply doesn't believe that you could have possibly been tormented by people who were slaves 200 years ago and dominated crime statistics in the new century.

we brought you civilization, fertilizer, the food you fucking eat and the water you drink and your fucking sneakers and phone. We brought you peace and emancipation from slavery. We gave you citizenship in OUR OWN COUNTRY.


If you want to see how stupid the average normie is who posts about donating to BLM on their stories in order to be an activist. I guarantee if you show them this they will be surprised none of the money donated actually goes to any blacks in need (homeless, house foreclosures, just lost a job, disabled), no it all goes to the pockets of the top democrats.

spread the word and talk to normies about it. it's the biggest red pill you can show a normie with evidence they can't deny