Exposing this shitty George Floyd PsyOp

New evidence suggests that nightclub where George Floyd & Derek worked is tied to Intelligence/Money Laundering

The media and no one else is touching this fact or wants to discuss this information. All in all, they are all avoiding talking about the nightclub they both worked at and how weird that is. Especially in a murder case, when two of the people involved had personal or work relations it opens up questions and should be used in a investigation.

Let me start off with the most obvious and fishy fact about this case. The same man who did the autopsy on JFK and Epstein is the one supposedly analysing Floyd’s dead body.

So let’s start.

The defense lawyer the family has chosen to represent them is Ben Crump. The same money hungry and attention whore actor, https://imdb.com/name/nm4988046/ FUCK, I mean lawyer that represented the shitty PsyOp cases of George Zimmerman and Michael Brown, which caused the Ferguson riot in 2014 and also conveniently started when an AutoZone was burned. Just like in Minneapolis.

Anyways. Hello Ben. Good to see you again. Oh, and you’re right, nothing makes sense.

By now, Benjamin Crump is investigating. And he is discovering that everything around El Nuevo Rodeo, the Mexican Cantina and Dance Club where George and Derek worked, is sketchy. Likely Ben and Daryl have realized it’s better to focus their financial strategy toward reparations from the city of Minneapolis because this incident hits on something even Crump doesn’t want to touch.

El Nuevo Rodeo (hereafter ENR) is a front business. Nothing is as it seems.

The background ownership of ENR takes you to a shady network of LLC’s and the name Omar Investments Inc. (est. 1996).


Dig a little deeper and something else becomes evident… The ownership might connect to one or more U.S. three letter agencies.

The ownership network has previous interactions with FBI operations in/around Minneapolis. This is not surprising because Minneapolis Minnesota, has more national security operations ongoing than any other community in the country. Various Somali groups are being watched, and anyone can do a google search to see when those security operations peek out of the surface.

Omar Investments Inc. owns El Nuevo Rodeo Cantina and night club since 1996. The principle of Omar Investments Inc. is Muna Sabri. In 2001 a close relative, Basim Sabri, was captured by the FBI in a sting operation.

…”In 2001, FBI agents recorded Sabri giving Herron $5,000, cash intended to curry the lawmaker’s support for his development. Sabri was later convicted on three bribery counts and fined $75,000.” (http://www.citypages.com/news/basim-sabri-charges-councilman-abdi-warsame-with-soliciting-loan-retaliation/452567973)...

FBI intercept in 2001, there’s the capture. That’s the asset creation point for U.S. security to find a way to embed within Minneapolis, and assist the Sabri’s along the way. https://m.startribune.com/minneapolis-blocks-building-permits-at-sabri-owned-village-market-mall/411665706/

The presented “former club owner”, Maya Santamaria, seen on television, appears to be a purposeful ‘front’ (a face useful in deflecting attention from the primary owner and operations). With that in mind, the scale of false information in/around the visible event, horrible as it was/is, creates layers and layers of purposeful misinformation and a need to control what the public sees in the media.

As I said before, I prefer to sit this one out; however, it is interesting. If you consider that El Nuevo Rodeo might likely be a front for a three letter national security agency; or at the very least a valuable inside source for domestic intelligence and surveillance, things start reconciling rather quickly.

ENR also looks like a money laundering operation. Part of that laundry operation appears to involve counterfeit currency. This enterprise, writ large, looks like the answer to ‘how’ a U.S. agency infiltrated the background criminal network in Minnesota to watch and monitor for domestic threats. So there are layers to what is visible and a myriad of interests involved.

Officer Derek Chauvin is a 19-year veteran of the Mineapolis police dept. Derek Chauvin also worked at ENR for 17 years. That timeline puts Derek Chauvin showing up to work security at El Neuvo Rodeo cantina and club right after the FBI busts Basim Sabri (everyone remembers what intel agencies were doing right after 9-11-01).

Recently – When the Wuhan Virus hits the night club needs to shut down. By extension this shuts down any illicit activity maintained by the legit operation. Any activity within a laundering operation would have to be paused. It would look silly, very suspicious, if the ENR club bookkeeper was making bank deposits while the business is closed.

However, this also means George Floyd was out of work. According to the indictment: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6933246-Derek-Chauvin-Complaint.html

The police were called because George Floyd was passing counterfeit $20 bills.

Could the way Chauvin, and the responders writ large, interacted with George Floyd have been an outcropping of concern that Lloyd was putting the ENR operation at risk?

El Nuevo Rodeo operating under 2 different business licenses which is very unusual

Why would a police officer work at a nightclub for 17 years?

A police officer on the force for 10+ years would be making in the high $85,000-100,000 range and wouldn’t need a 2nd job. Maybe as a cover.

The owner also sold the company months ago and they changed the name from 2123 Beam, Inc to Omar Investments, Inc

Name change from 2123 Beam, Inc in 1996 to Omar Investments, Inc shows no results and is scrubbed

Defintely money laundering and counterfits opeartion where cops and security guards are in on it and there to prevent any problems with the law, aka inside connections. Those inside connections with the police and FBI because they allowed them to possibly extract and launder money for black ops and preform surveillance on Somalis is also why the FBI helped them block building permits at the Sabri village market


















Scitzo post. Floyd died of overdose.

Where were you when America jogged out over a jogger overdosing? (pt 1)

0:05 joggers approach Floyd’s vehicle. Probably just inquiring about the weather…definitely not interested in drugs.
0:52 Police approach Floyd’s vehicle after being called because someone payed at Cup Foods with fake $20
3:45 Floyd drops baggie #1 when he sits down
4:19 Floyd is visibly distressed and bangs head against his own knee - he doesn’t feel well from the weather…definitely not because he’s overdosing.
5:15 Police picks up baggie #2
6:00-6:10 - Floyd is stumbling from such a windy day - definitely nothing to do with drugs.
6:12 - Floyd collapses from a great gust of wind - definitely not because he’s overdosing.

0:05 - Floyd is resisting arrest / freaking out from the weather - nothing to do with the fact he’s tripping balls
Why did police remove him from the car and get him on the ground as opposed to just taking him to precinct? maybe because they know he needs an ambulance.

9:42 you can hear obnoxious joggers yelling so at this point Floyd is on the ground
12:19 Officer says “right now we’re grabbing an ambulance for your buddy”

12:22 ambulance has arrived - hennepin county ambulance dispatch is at least a 5 minute drive from Cup Foods (google maps), more like 10 minutes so it appears ambulance was called a decent amount of time before.

“While standing outside the car, Mr. Floyd began saying and repeating that he could not breathe. The defendant went to the passenger side and tried to get Mr. Floyd into the car from that side and Lane and Kueng assisted. “
Apparently Floyd couldn’t breath BEFORE he was even on the ground - evidence of overdose
Officer Lanesaid, “I am worried about excited delirium or whatever.” The defendant said, “That’s why we have him on his stomach.”
Excited delirium is most common with stimulant drug abuse

1:02 - Officer says “Dude what are you on?”
1:35 - Floyd says “My stomach hurts, my neck hurts, everything hurts”
1:40 - white residue on Floyd’s mouth - foaming at the mouth is sign overdose - https://mohopeproject.org/what-does-a-fentanyl-overdose-look-like/
2:25 - Officer says “this is why you don’t do drugs kids”
5:14 - Officer says “Don’t do drugs guys”
5:51 - Store Employee “He’s off crack right now. He highly OD’d”
6:47 - Ambulance arrives - no questions asked immediately get him in ambulance because they know he’s overdosing.

Legit autopsy says Floyd died of heart attack while on fentanyl and recent methemphetamine use. They call it a “homicide” to try and quell riots but anyone with moderate reading comprehension knows it was overdose:


(((independent))) autopsy says he was strangled - you will never be able to find that autopsy though.

https://thedevilman666.blogspot.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/qanonreports


So we know that George Floyd and Derek Chauvin both worked at El Nuevo Rodeo Club roughly six month ago together as security. We also know Chauvin worked there for a whopping 17 years as security. So what else do we know?

We know previous owner Maya Santamaria sold El Nuevo just last year.

This is after:

We know that El Nuevo had serious complaints and was close to being closed with issues going on for the last 12 years.


In 2008, the city began investigating El Nuevo Rodeo for a pattern of offenses, said Ricardo Cervantes, deputy director of licenses. Its findings -- including liquor violations and security issues -- eventually pointed to a proposed liquor license revocation.

Responding to the city's concerns, owner Maya Santamaria beefed up security, installing thousands of dollars' worth of video cameras. Still, the city moved forward with the revocation, citing new problems. Santamaria contested, landing the case before an administrative law judge in late January.The judge heard testimony from various parties, including the club's paid off-duty cops, who said El Nuevo Rodeo generates fewer police reports than downtown clubs do Additionally:http://www.citypages.com/news/el-nuevo-rodeo-facing-possible-last-hurrah-on-lake-street-6724277 In April 2008, three people were shot outside of Denny's, right across the street from the nightclub. A story in the Longfellow/Nokomis Messenger connected the shooting to nightclub patrons, though police were never able to prove it

On November 14, there were multiple police calls associated with the nightclub. One person was even cited for defecating on the Third Precinct station a block away. Minneapolis Police Sgt. John Rouner fired off an email to his boss describing what had happened: "Incidents ranged from shots fired (almost an officer-involved shooting), to several felony assaults (on patrons and staff), to numerous misdemeanors (obstructing, disorderly conduct, assault, theft, and traffic)."The information made its way to Rocco Forte, who heads the city's regulatory services. Forte wrote to Schiff: "At this point, Business Licensing does not see any other option than to pursue the revocation of El Nuevo Rodeo's license."The city compiled its case against the nightclub: a stack of 28 police call reports from 2008 and six from 2009. The city attorney on the case described the business as having "an inordinately high number of incidents of criminal behavior." All this time Derek Chauvin would have been working there. Last year when Santamaria sold the place, Chauvin and Floyd were working there together.

The authorities seemed dead set on shutting it down around 10 years ago. I wonder what changed.



The building where Chauvin and Floyd worked was an active shrine unit for the International Order of Odd Fellows, who still operated within the building and ran a criminal enterprise in there.

The trick is that the IOOF run legitimate buildings all over the United States, but the real masonic operations still happen in the old tenements that bear their name.

El Nuevo Rodeo Bar was one of many entrances to the masonic underground.

Great find anon. This is looking more and more masonic by the day.

Ok so the fact the two guys worked together at the nightclub made me feel like there was something fishy about this whole thing and then I see this being reposted all over instagram.


It's hard to explain, maybe some of you know what I'm talking about, but this clip gives me those morally staged vibes that the DNC and crew constantly churn out.

In 2017,Chaziel Sunz shined the light on who pays for Antifa, Black Lives Matter, what the plan is of the Democratic Party using the groups.
https://youtu.be/TD3GjkikUyw [Embed]

Beware of glowies that will delete or archive anything that gets on this topic. They don't want you to see the truth. They don't want you to redpill anyone. They don't want us to be together because we're stronger this way!

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.funny you mentioned 3rd precinct
not a stones throw away from......
El Nuevo Rodeo

Bingo was his name-o

Check this one out.