CIA has run telekinesis experiments

So, how come nobody gives a shit that CIA has declassified documents of telekinesis experiments that worked?
Dude, fundamentalist, hardcore Christians are light years ahead of internet conspiracy theorists and the like.

Some of us have known for years now what aliens really are, that telekinesis is real and how it's done, what the pyramids really were for, the Easter island statues and why they were made, etc etc. See for yourself:

Huge expose on the New Age, including the true nature of aliens: [Embed]

Another video on aliens: [Embed]

Astral travel: what it really is: [Embed]

The pyramids: who built them, why, and theories on how they were built: [Embed]

You're welcome. :)
Furthermore, why nobody gives a fuck on who the fuck is God? If there are people who can move/burn shit with their minds according to cia documents then a motherfucking God is out there.