Brothers Damarquay "Quay" Palmer and Damire Palmer have been arrested for the random attack at Macy's in Michigan.

Listen up, this is nice.

Damarquay and Damire are brothers. Quay was taking the video and posted it to facebook and Damire, his younger brother was the attacker. But Quay MESSed up because in 2018 he was convicted of child sex crimes.

We need to get word into the jail they're being held, we need to get this information to the prisoners he is locked up with right now. If you don't know why, you're a idiot. If anybody knows anybody in jail or prison in or near the state of Michigan, put them on notice that Damarquay "FT Quay" Palmer is a child sex predator that is potentially headed to a cellblock near them. Don't incite violence, just let them know who's coming.

Damarquay Palmer the child rapist.