Black unemployment rate pre-pandemic and the development of economic "opportunity zones,"


Mike Pence says "FUCK JOGGERS": >(...) "Forgive me for pressing you on this, sir," anchor Brian Taff said to Pence, "but I will note you did not say those words, 'Black lives matter,' and there is an important distinction. People are saying, of course all lives matter, but to say the words is an acknowledgment that Black lives also matter at a time in this country when it appears that there's a segment of our society that doesn't agree. So why will you not say those words?" >"Well, I don't accept the fact, Brian, that there's a segment of American society that disagrees, in the preciousness and importance of every human life," Pence said. "And it's one of the reasons why as we advance important reforms in law enforcement, as we look for ways to strengthen and improve our public safety in our cities, that we're not going to stop there." >Pence went on to tout the Black unemployment rate pre-pandemic and the development of economic "opportunity zones," adding that the administration is "absolutely determined to improve" the lives of African Americans. >"And yet, one final time, you won't say the words and we understand your explanation," Taff responded.

How many violent crimes perpetrated by whites would the police need to turn a blind eye to in order to reduce the percentage of violent crimes committed by blacks from over 50% to 13%? Video:

"PROTESTERS" BRANDISHING FIREARM ON MOTORCYCLIST BYSTANDER IN LANSING, MICHIGAN: There is a group of "peaceful protesters" (We the Free People of Lansing) blocking the streets of Lansing demanding gibs from Andy Schor while also demanding him stepping down. They apparently have been doing this for days now and will continue until demands are met. Some whiteboi on a motorcycle "very close to hitting the protesters" is approached by three men, one very obviously brandishing a weapon towards him. The police are in an SUV in the background, standing down as you may have guessed. Reported it to the police and the local news, no word has come about it. So I thought I would finally share this to gather more attention on this matter. Here is a video of the Livestream by their "photographer" (Had to use pastebin because 4chin thought it was spam)