deep state form in ancient times

>deep state form in ancient times
>morphs through history to form the central banking system
>rise up the west while forcing them onto your usury scam central banking system
>slowly subvert and infiltrate governments over time, slowly enacting law that benefits them and not the working class
>start and end world wars while controlling all sides of opposition
>ride the rise of Europe until transferring host nations to USA post second world sacrifice (think dresden and holodomor)
>over the decades slowly enact laws that favor elite, all while slowly transferring manufacturing to china
>start the transfer of deep state assets to china to complete the switch of host nations
>patriots within the US military notice the CIA is corrupt as fuck and want their own intelligence gather operation, launch NSA
>NSA starts noticing the deep state cabal is real and not a meme
>deep state actors under obama and those he instilled start attacking military through funding or removing certain officers etc
>they ask Trump to run in order to secure a future for america, he wins in a landslide as america is the only country smart enough to vote out the thousands years cabal that has been running the world behind the scenes since history
>last few years they've gone after all deep state cabal illuminati sex rings, black budgets, slush funds, all avenues of revenue
>deep state enacts a plan to release a virus in china and let it fester and spread, all while buying medical equipment
>their plan was to shut the world economies while opening up China to manufacture and sell all the horded medical equipment to the world making them dependent on china
>globalist have failed in their plot and patriots have won the silent war
>now starts the counter offensive

so what happens next? war is possible but there's more talk of reparations than war considering they're going with the "accident" story for the public to avoid WW3 (which is what cabal would want)

china could have to pay the world trillions..

>patriots within the US military notice the CIA is corrupt as fuck and want their own intelligence gather operation, launch NSA
>they ask Trump to run in order to secure a future for america, he wins in a landslide as america is the only country smart enough to vote out the thousands years cabal that has been running the world behind the scenes since history
Also bullshit, Trump is another traitor oligarch
>patriots have won the silent war
Literal delusional fantasy from hopeless cucks
>now starts the counter offensive
Never happening
Prove me wrong, you can't
Arrests never
Executions never
Dissolution of the CIA never

Acknowledgement of black projects and reparations for programs like MKULTRA never

the mistake you all keep making is to divide the TOP layer by country. As an organization France was involved in the Wuhan lab just like US, Israel, UK, OZ and Canada-but the top layer is made up of "like minded" oligarch or "the cabal" from ALL countries. THEY have their own agendas, and the CABAL has theirs and they don't really intersect.

The released virus was NOT the virus they were expecting. That is why they are scrambling like MOFOs to catch up-this VIRUS to their plan. Do you really think that Bill Gates would be putting his face out there when he's been happy to let others be the public face for so long? Gates has been the hidden hand-escaping much of the attention that Soros has been drawing down. Gates is desperate and he's making mistakes.

Soros took the heat off Gates-but now their plan is in jeopardy. Because the virus that was released (ON PURPOSE) is not the virus they were expecting.

China was promised that they would not have to "accept  / refugees" and that they would become the world manufacturing center. Israel, OTOH had zero intention of leaving China an ethnostate and ZERO intention of letting China's influence in Africa grow even stronger. CHINA figured as much-but lost the game when the virus was released and they're desperate to escape the blame-and they actually didn't do it-LOL but they intended to as did Gates, Fauci (5 eyes), Israel, China,

Cross, double cross, triple cross. I'm finding the entire thing-entertaining to say the least. It's depressing af some days tho-there are times when I am sure we are so fucked. Today is one of those days. IF they are able to "catch up" and convince people there is a vaccine for this virus, they will get their fucking implants into people-and they will then be "connected" to the grid. AI will run the world. Technocracy.

Bill Gates needs to DIAF. Along with the rest of Q17.

On the original timeline Hillary would have won, the virus would have come along, people would have gotten the Liber/Gates/ Epstein vaccine carrying a payload to the brain. I can't make endless attachments here but Epstein funded massive research into mind control. I wrote up a VERY basic simplistic outline of what I "see" and as time goes on things become "more clear". So it's basic. The thing you need to know is that NO ONE saw THIS virus coming. Even Bezos thought it was the one they ordered. He sold up stock and ran off to NZ to wait it out-and now he's fucked because there IS NO vaccine for this virus, there isn't going to be one and now they are stuck in the same damn trap we are. They're only recourse is to get people to take the Gates jab and get their virus sized battery / transmitter / receivers injected so they can be connected to the AI--but as hard as they are working at it-people are starting to figure it out. And they are pushing back harder. Gates tried to bribe Nigeria to legislate forced vaccination.

Had Hillary won this would all be a done deal. Creating a AI run technocracy was their end game. JAYSUS Epstein was funding Lieber, Gates was funding Epstein-Gates (the real doctor evil) has mostly escaped notice with Soros drawing the fire-and here we all are-with even SJWs rethinking the jab.

Pic related is rough draft of my RV sessions. I plan to write up the rest--or rather draw / refine more info is "incoming" I uncover different layers and more is revealed but it's my jumping off spot.

Do not get the false sense of security that because Trump has used Looking Glass-that they are able to account for ALL possible outcomes. That is impossible. And just when you get cocky, an unintended consequence will fly at you. This virus is one of them. Understanding the energy web --let me explain it this way-what IF the "flower of life" is the net that holds us IN-rather than the web that helps and energizes us?

I have documented everything. My rough draft is rough but it has the gest Sometimes it is better to let a bit of time pass before fine tuning things. I got v&b from here for three weeks-for literally doing nothing. I was pretty sure that they wanted me OUT of here so I could not "warn" that made me think that something might have been planned-and maybe it was-but it was foiled. You must understand there is an epic "battle" between these forces and we are nothing but the "drone prizes". Whether we are free or enslaved actually depends on whether or not we fall into line and agreement with the jab. If we fall for that as a collective- we lost the game.

I wear a mask in public, not because I am "afraid" or obeying the government. I wear a mask so I don't fucking catch this shit, because in the long run the best way to stay "disengaged" is not to fucking catch it.

Are they lying about numbers? yes-but they're working hard on a more devastating mutation.

They will have drones flying around. Do you think the cities using Chink drones to surveil people JUST now bought them? KEK those drones were bought a while ago for just this purpose.

Not enough people have died. There is NOTHING they won't do-but I do not expect nuclear shit. They learned the hard way that is a piss poor way to take over a country and resources. What I'm expecting are MASSIVE earth issues. And they're tinkering with the earth's energy field's and frequency in hopes of jaring loose a few good devastating EQs. The original plan was to release the virus AFTER a devastating earth movement / impact and let it be the natural progression of a break down in services. IE how cholera is a danger post EQ in 3rd world countries after EQ--that sort of thing. THEN they'd rush in (China was promised first dibs on the west coast) and "save people"--and we'd have been so grateful.

Oh fuck off, looking glass IS being used by both sides. This is well documented. Your story holds up if it doesn't count the majestic 12, doesn't count the Operation Highjump identified faction. Your story would ONLY make sense if John Kerry on record didn't visit Antarctica. The pope, EPSTEIN. All go there. Why? I'll tell you why. Agartha whatever it is, is real. And Your story leaves that entire tale out. Like it or not, that part of the story concerns you and I more than you could ever hope to realize. I would believe more shill posts here but you flock to discredit something you don't understand. Assumptions? Based on what? What do you "think" you know about John? This story doesn't unfold until you tell me about HIS past. And Nikolas. Nikola is no traitor as you make him out to be. And A.L.I.C.E is not in glowniggers hands right now. The NSA has it. I will repeat myself. Your story leaves an entire plot out and that plot is Antarctica. What I speak of is no "theory". It exists. Operation Highjump wasn't a LARP. To say it is, discredits the caravans sent in the 1930s. There are more players on the table then the ones you listed, that effects the outcome. Sounds like even you are in for a big surprise before this play ends.

I am not considering Agartha because in the long run, unless you are there- it is irrelevant. The earth births the "mystery egg" aka the core when our wobble becomes too great. That happens over time as the core slowly grows. The core is ejected from the North Wadden Sea area of Antarctica and the planet is flung into a different orbit. See Planetary displacement theory, and Crustal displacement theory. Being below ground (as the Hopi know--aka the ant people) is a good way to survive the fling. But this whole situation is irrelevant right now.

Earth is about to have some massive changes at the surface level. NONE of what you wrote has anything to do with reality. It's a cult like believe set that somehow something someone somewhere is going to just pop up and save us.

You're assuming that both John Trump and Nikola Tesla are on your team. You can't know that until something actually happens to "prove that". You've injected way too much BELIEF into something that requires belief rather than proof. YOU believe the narrative you believe. Nothing makes one narrative more true than another until SOMETHING actually happens.

I do not see Agartha as any sort of player in the future.

I am continually being surprised. But let me tell you a little something about me. I see so far into the future that even testing me the usual way with blind target photos means I write down details of the third and fourth photo. Sometimes I write down details of every photo. So I doubt I'll be surprised by anything.

I am doing much better now staying "in touch" rather than running from what I see. The order of things is very different since the timeline shift. But you don't comprehend timelines if you think that a shift has no consequences and that it is possible to foresee all possible outcomes. It is not. If it were there wouldn't be time walkers popping back trying to make sure this virus doesn't go the way the original timeline intended.