When did you realize every woman you see literally has a painting of a beautiful woman on their face?

>Female - parasite that outsources every task to others
>Male - expendable drone that manages to obey and provide for its masters one way or another
This is a horrible combination. Men designed women, women designed men. Out of desperation, optimism, naivete, artistic and spiritual desires - or in the case of females, machiavellism and a clear lack of soul. Sure enough, both have traits they wish to hide from their mates, and males have had phases of one-sided selection, aka. rape.
Females look ugly because men haven't had enough power to selectively breed them. Either population numbers have been too important during times of political power, or the perception was elsewhere; perhaps the female eluded notice like the jew.

Females look attractive to females, they are naturally bisexual. They seem to agree with our tastes, but they prefer their own. This is to make sure their low level beauty is competitive, or rather, shares in the monopoly of females, so some drones will flock to her. In the machiavellian mind of the female, there is only power and threats to it. Erotic - or even aesthetically pleasing art depicting the feminine ideals is banned, shamed, replaced and discarded, wherever women have power to do so. This is because the men are the only ones with any access to feminine ideals, because it is our internal drive towards the female and securing offspring production.
We do have some power to select for women. This is a limited power and it is in our collective movements, a trend making ankles the fetish? The next generation and few will prioritize ankle designs on females. Big butts? Yeah, works there. So we should have a makeup free fetish. Tag it, name it, ship it, spread it. Females will compete with one another as the ones who do well will do so much better, become millionaires off simps and whatnot. The ones that are ugly, malformed and gross? Worthless, genetic dead ends.

Fake face? Made by desperation of past ages.

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