Anthony Weiner Laptop 

Michael Flynn's counsel Sydney Powell touches on the contents a bit. She says hardened NYC investigators had to vomit after seeing the contents. It held 675,000 emails of Hillary Clinton, Clinton Foundation, Huma Abedin etc

She says Trump should get that laptop to the most trusted military intelligence source and have it dissected. 

Are we actually getting close to that? I mean this was probably the first piece of evidence that made me thing the deepstate was in trouble. With Flynn being exonerated soon, the timeline might speed up a bit. 

I assume those in high positions will never get put away unfortunately though. 

Also something like 6 NYC officers died or "committed suicided" in a string not long after he was arrested. Does anyone also remember the woman found in the trash compactor of the apartment building Weiner/Abedin lived in?

I'm going to do more research about the officers who died, if anyone has anything post it. 

If the laptop contents ever came to light the public would be changed forever, its the only thing that would get peoples attention. The term "deepfake" was gaining traction as well probably to program the public a potential leak was manufactured 

If even half of the conspiracies that get talked about here are true, look at the acceleration of things since Trump got in. It's increasingly looking more and more panicked and rushed. More extreme and less well thought out. They're getting desperate and increasingly just grasping at straws. 
Consider one of the alternative ways to view our current situation: consider that right now at least as much as it is possible, we're being asked to stay indoors and not have large gatherings.
What is one of the obvious upshots of that? The deepstate has dramatically fewer target rich environments available to them to be able to stage False Flags with.

Sure, bad actors are also attempting to make good use of the situation to overextend their authority as well, but that always happens. And even if they do temporarily grab up increased authoritarian power, if this really actually is the "Home Stretch" it won't matter in the long run.

Confirmation bias or not, there comes a point where there are just far too many coincidences to be ignored. Too much lines up too well.

And think of all the absurdly fucked up shit governments and those in power have done historically that we actually do know about, add to that the stuff we don't know about that happened historically, it almost becomes the opposite situation: It's crazier to think it impossible, naive even.

Exactly. The whole "Trust the plan" stuff, and criticisms where "Nothing has happened, how can you still believe this shit?" is the result of everything the patriots are doing or will soon do has to be so completely, undeniably, ironclad and bullet proof. Every 'i' has to be perfectly dotted, and every 't' crossed. 

Those that are evil don't play by the rules, but in order for this take-down to go right and actually have some degree of longterm impact, it has to be completely undeniable, and has to have been done entirely within the rules and laws that we currently have. 

That is why it's taking so long to bear fruit.

The blackpill is easy to swallow once you see the lengths of absolute corruption and sick depravity we have been blinded to for so long. However, things aren't getting worse; they're just getting uncovered. Also, remember, the culmination of this will change the very fabric of society. This shit is worldwide, and Trump has allies across the globe.

Huma was sending every possible document And email she touched to herself to be placed into a file called "life insurance". 

100% serious question; is Huma a slave? If she's the one person Hillary trusts with everything, why would she feel the need to go behind Hillary's back to use a fucking Yahoo!?! account to hide away info in case she needs to save her life? Whose life? Did Hillary know about this? Was it for Hillary? 

Why would Weiner have it on a shared computer out in the open, on a computer he was using? Was he about to bargain by turning all this over to get out of his troubles? To free Huma? 

There's so much weirdness around everything Clinton that almost anything is believable.

That is going to happen too. It must because of the world wide derivative bomb banks have. Once a major bank defaults, like say deutch bank which is holding the biggest derivatives mess, it pulls in all other banks as well because they derivatives are also partially claimed by other banks world wide. That's why they are fucking worthless. Think of a fleet of ships with chain link netting and hooks on other ships. When one ship sinks because of the weight of all the chains it has that can no longer be propped up, it's got a ridiculous amount of hooks that will sink the other ships. That is how derivatives were designed, they were a financial nuclear option.

The only way out of the FRN system is to 0 it out with hyper inflation. Any new money will not have any debt ties to the old system.