why the fuck would she had a corona typrewriter ? Madonna and corona

why the fuck would she had a corona typrewriter ?

wtf guys ????????

Look at those retards cheering and watching through their phone cameras as they take part in some sick occult ritual showing them what the powers that be are up to. "It's just art :v)". I've known about this video for awhile and tried to pick apart some of the symbolis

m. This was all fabricated and orchestrated; every detail has something behind it. At 4:20 they carry the two pillars of Solomon's temple up, Boaz and Jachin. And I always assumed the eyepatch indicated antichrist (grave head wound).

hese people wearing the Israel and Palestine flag have their arms crossed behind their back. Is this a sign of deception and betrayal? (Keeping in mind the performance was in Tel Aviv, Israel)

At first one might see the two flags and think, "aww, that's cute" -- but why cross arms behind the back? Is there a specific symbolic meaning with this gesture, beyond the simple "aww, that's cute" message given to,"the herd"?
>I've known about this video for awhile
the gas masks, the corona typewriter and the crown on her head were things we didn't viewed as relevant back when the video or her album came out. boaz & jachin, eye patch etc.. this is very old and easily identifiable but now with the covid virus these symbols have a much deeper meaning
Literally depicting herself Drinking Darkness. Not the most imaginative bunch, are they? But this is what happens when you betray and exile the true creatives. Creativity comes from light. Dark can only imitate what has come before and whatever it sees. What do you find yourself repetitively creating when all you ever see are sex parties, high priestesses, orgies, drugs, Alice in Wonderland symbolism, blood, limousines, money and power?

Think about it
N = In
Y = What is the adrenochrome molecule shaped like?

I = Eye

Don't you people see... It's a special message to Trump, us and the whole world. Since they started losing power (masons, jews, dualists, gnostics, w/e) ever since their info got leaked through pizzagate, Seth Rich and other ways, since our fight for freedom and Trump, our showing of power, us as people taking back command and Trump draining the deep state, Epstein and other pedo dirt, they were left with no other choice to keep power other than destruction of economy, humanity, their own new world order. They didn't want to start over, but they were left with no other choice other than to either face gallows or to destroy the world. They also tried to take everyones guns, but they fucked it all badly and you, we figured out their school shooting charade.

A few key points in the video... It all starts with church bells ringing, giant red skull at the top of the stairs 0:48. Monks are calling upon madonna (her name and character is a mockery of saint Mary, who is also called madonna) Madonnas career has been sex, perversion and cult. What better way to start off a masonic show other than with a song about a blowjob, mockery of prayer 1:26? Madonna takes off her hood, she's standing there with a crown (corona), one eye 1:51. Listen to the lyrics. This song has always been about her pleasuring the listener sexuality through oral sex. Sounds religious though...? Nope, it doesn't. 4 minutes in we get the common gnostic dualistic masonic symbolism of pillars. Keep in mind the main goal of masons is to connect all dualities to destroy the yahwehs world. They consider Jesus and Satan to be one and the same, their messiah. They got tricked by the devil into destroying the world, to become like GODs themselves and return to the place where Jesus/Satan reigns from, according to them. Their goal is to connect all dualities in the world, trans, gay, bad and good etc thus opening a portal for humanity to join their "true" GOD. Basically these morons will unchain Satan.

5 minutes in the portal opens between two pillars, madonna smirks, this cunt has been promised this shit ever since she was in her 20's it's the second coming tier happening for masons. Her old nasty AIDS cunt gets wet. Dancers are now wearing gas masks, pay attention to what she's saying to the world now. "They are so naive, they thing we are not aware of their crimes" She's talking to us guys. Masons, an organization that's fucking thousands of years old got outsmarted and beat by a bunch of basement dwelling autists. They consider our power play a crime towards humanity, new world order, their system. We didn't sin. We committed a crime against their order. Madonna continues "We know, we're just not ready to act" as she tugs on a corona victim. She's not depicting the church as the evil ones, the priests are rather laughing at us since vatican 2.0 bent the knee to masons. Now the next part is the most important one. You know the whole Q, Trump slang of the storm is coming? She refers to this storm that we caused. "The storm isn't in the air, it's inside of us" Thus saying, sit down peasants you haven't done shit, we will have the last laugh, you will get the corona virus, that will be your true storm, cunts. The rest of her words are the same typical masonic secretic bullshit. Basically I wish I could tell you guys about love and loneliness (dualism once again), but I can't since I'm an x degree mason, so tough luck. Then she just fucking kills everyone since they have no powers left other than destruction. Be it stock market, be it death. Then the bitch sings about how not everyone is coming to the future, not everyone is learning from the past, not everyone that's here is gonna last. She also signals her two fingers to the sky just like satan does in every fucking depiction ever at 6:13. Bitch sings how you ain't woke, come get woken at the masonic lodge we got mountain dew TM. There's death and destruction of prosperity, lady liberty is destroyed.

6:30 a giant cross in the monitor formed from dualism, everyone's holding their arms spread as to mock Christ. They lose balance from this position and fall, madonna's saying open your eyes. Once again we're traveling through a portal, a time of great transformation. At 7 minute mark we see destruction of a city with nature overtaking it. Georgia guide stones are planning for the population of 500mil and so are the masons, since they fucking built them there. Remember, kids if you tell the goyim about your plans, it's not a sin. Now the next line comes from a token who the fuck flavor of the month gold teeth black dumb rapper #581:

I hope you know (know), my life is gold (gold)
I drip that ice (ice), I see the signs (signs)
Just free your mind (free)
Welcome to the future, it's a culture ride (ride)
Too much pain inside
It's an override (yeah, yeah)
You've been puttin' too much time tryin' to survive (tryin')
Don't like the person in your class, so you let 'em die
L-L-Let your light shine (yeah, yeah)

Yeah yeah, satan the light bringer, yeah everyone's gonna have to survive blah blah

Everything ends with some lyrics for absolute morons who still don't fucking get it that they're against Jesus.

It's the future where we come from, bein' stars
It's the future where we come from, bein' hard
It's the future where we come from, beat 'em all
It's the future where we come from, bein' boss
It's the future where you gotta pay the cost (the future)
It's the future where you come from, bein' lost (the future)
It's the future, crucifixion on a cross (woo)
But you know that I'ma rise above it all, yeah

Basically we can all be starts and GODs, get our own universes to create or what fucking ever.

We see the final image of the illuminati kikerati triangle at 9:20. Madonna says wake up sheeple, but I won't tell you the truth since I can't, they both fall into the portal. They get fucked by Trump sooner or later. Happy/sad ending. Too bad they managed to let out the corona virus, oh well at least we know that we won even if we're taking the whole world with us. Congratulations everyone. A bunch of autists destroyed the world.

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