Dude I just decided to re watch I, pet goat 2 and holy shit the white rabbit plain as day. This adrenochrome thing is not bullshit.

Also circles are EVERYWHERE, all over everyone's face and placed everywhere. Symbol for a Corona. Also the channels name is HELIOFANT who's symbol is a Corona.

Dude I can't believe how much of pet goat 2 actually makes sense now. All of the symbolism is referring to what's going in with Corona right now.

Bump. Rubbing it in our faces for years.

The old woman is the whore of Babylon. Aka the modern Christian Church. The anti Christ comes and it falls. This whole video is agreeing with what's going on with Q theories. The system that is put in place after the cabal is brought down will be the Antichrist

there is also a morse code (see pic related)

could they weaponize 5g, install it in all school through america while everyone is ''blind'' in their quarantine???

watch this video at 4:00 watch?v=NEs4l_IFDKk

Guys I have a theory that this is actually a deep state op against hollywood and Epstein was at the helm of it all.

I have no idea who is in charge because I am 100% certain that adrenochrome is just laced and they are baiting the most evil people in the world.

Trust the plan but realize the deep state and people like Hillary might be the blackmailers themselves. We don't know the reasons behind using adrenochrome because the experience is not that great from a drug standpoint. There is much more at play than just the drug.

Anons in this thread go watch street fighter two Nd there is tons of this kind of symbols in in that movie. There is a scene where the fat Samoan guy makes a comment about self disassociation/ ego death "mind goes to another place " and then they immediately make a comment about pizza right after . Not to mention tons of nazi references. And contra. Weird stuff.

Alright, we know the white rabbit is adrenochrome and freedom from the matrix. Now, what is the next scene of this play? Trump was not once in this video...almost as if he was a curveball. Heliophants occult creators I know about, they all seem caught off guard by him. Someone explain his roll in this? This video Ive always been curious about and attempted to analyze over the years. The Crown disappearing and the boat of Set with the fish I find interesting.