covid 19
Reminder that the american public health system is failing terribly at every level. outside major cities health departments have no fucking clue how to handle this.

here's the story of the first west virignia confirmed case:

>state health department doesn't answer the hotline for days
>go to ER, they tell you to call the hotline that doesn't work
>hospital refuses to let you in the doors
>finally get tested
>they lose the test and it expires, have to be retested

The same incompetence is playing out around the country in thousands of localities. Our system is totally unprepared to deal with this. On top of that, most states still have strict testing guideline, meaning that the true number of cases is likely much higher. We are done for.

► Detected: 422,630 (+47) ► Died: 18,895 (+4)

— 3.52 billion people put under lockdown

— 446 more confirmed deaths than swine flu in all of 2009-10

34 year old infected nurse commits suicide

21 million fewer cellphone users in China

Germany "lost" 2,000 samples before testing them

China didn't add 43,000 new cases since hitting 80,000

Israeli "recovered" case tests positive again

r0 between 6.11 and 8.18, higher than expected

Neuroinvasive potential of nCoV

12% of deaths in Italy had no previous conditions

15 million to die worldwide

Venezuela under full lockdown, 32 million people

Belgium under lockdown, affecting 11 million

Ireland to be put on lockdown, 4 million people

>LIVE [Embed]

02:01: 192 new cases and 1 new death in Colorado, United States.
01:38: 248 new cases and 13 new deaths in Washington state, United States.
01:07: 50 new cases in New Zealand.
00:19: 683 new cases and 61 new deaths in New York state, United States. All of the new deaths are in New York City.
00:12: China’s National Health Commission reports 47 new cases and 1 new death across the mainland, excluding Hubei province. All of the new cases originated in a foreign country. Of those, 19 are in Shanghai and 5 in Beijing.
00:12: 3 new deaths in Hubei province, China. There were no new cases.
23:59: 211 new cases in New South Wales, Australia.