This mother FUCKER has larped about 'trusting the plan' for nearly 3 years. Nobody from the Left side has been put in jail. Instead EVERYONE going to jail is connected to Trump. Was this all a demoralization campaign?

Patriots in control? Are you fucking kidding me?
"Q" is controlled by the mossad. 

Q is and always was a larp. Some autist who has studied mentalism gave you all enough crumbs from which you synthesized your own story. Very similar to what larping psychics do. Patriots were never in control - and even if they were, Trump is not one of them.

The entire machinery of the U.S. government is co-opted and controlled by Jews and cabalist elite. There is no head to cut off. There is no nucleus of resistance.
We are a failed state with an operational government pulling the strings of our dead nation. Anyone who steps into their arena to fight on their terms will lose. Roger Stone is just the latest example of that. And every time they get away with it, they become more emboldened. They are checking to see if there is a nucleus of will left to resist them. Americans have shown that there isn't. They are becoming more willing to actually impeach Trump. They are now confident that there won't be any resulting civil war. Boomers and GenX have shown the most they will do is post their grievances on Facebook, or worse - come right back to the system that fucked them for another round.

Trump will be impeached. Whoever replaces him will start a war with Iran. This will continue until the 2030's when society will finally collapse under debt and racial conflict. Keep your heads down - wait until their power collapses and then prepare to carve up a piece of what is left for yourselves and your loved ones.

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