50,000 IN Chicago are about to starve!

50,000 Food Stamp Recipients in Cook County Will Be Forced to Find Jobs in 2020 or Risk Losing Benefits

>The change is the result of Cook County’s falling unemployment rate, the Chicago Tribune reports, as it is no longer able to qualify for waivers from the federal government granted for high unemployment rates or when jobs are scarce.

>States are able to request waivers from the work requirements for areas with an unemployment rate above 10 percent or a lack of sufficient jobs over a 3- to 12-month period. A recent 24-month average unemployment rate 20 percent above the national average for the same 24-month period also qualifies areas to request such waiver.

>For many years, Illinois, like a number of other states, enjoyed a statewide waiver to the work requirement. However, Cook County’s unemployment rate is now too low to qualify for the waiver.

>Roughly 140,000 SNAP recipients across the state would be required to work without the waiver.

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