What the hell is happening to our society? WHO IS BEHIND THIS? WHAT IS THEIR ENDGAME?

Is there actually an agenda by some secret group to promote race-mixing, cuckoldry, mental illness, and general degeneracy in the new generation, especially young white men? I feel like there is a growing mass of misguided young men who are falling prey to hyper-consumerist, liberal brain-washing that is constantly bombarding them in all media outlets. We have a whole generation of men who grew up watching Blacked.com and cuckold porn from the moment they hit puberty and could ejaculate. They drown the nagging pain of cognitive dissonance with blue-pilled media until its dead. If they can't drown it out like that, they are overwhelmingly encouraged to shove antidepressants down their throats until they are totally numb and have a non-functional penis.

What the FUCK is happening to our society?


Look, guys. I know the shit I wrote about in the OP is in fact happening. It is plain to see, and no one can convince me otherwise.

But I am not entirely sold on the perpetrator. Yes, I know that Jews historically are globalist, leftists who are loyal only to their tribe and don't give a fuck if the rest of the world burns. That is clearly stated in their religious doctrines and readily discerned by their behaviors. I also know they are extremely powerful throughout the world and literally control the media.

But I am still not sold that it the Jews doing it. I grant that they are a prime suspect because they satisfy so many of the checkboxes of the theoretical perpetrator. But what if it's not so simple? What do they stand to gain from all of this? Do they simply think that by ruining other races, their race will rise to the top since they avoided all the poisons they are selling to us? Isn't that a bit naive? f they keep promoting this shit, a growing percentage of their own precious Jew-wombs will be infiltrated by black seed. It is an unavoidable casualty of the filth they are promoting. Are they just OK to accept these losses in the larger war? Perhaps you should clarify that the perpetrator is a small society of hyper-*RICH* jews. Like really, fucking rich. It is definitely a small group doing this. It doesn't make sense to say that it is a whole race of people perpetrating it.

>You are a white male! You stop it, you are a white male!

>Your skin is light enough. Stop it!
>Why are you arguing what is a system of oppression? You've never experienced one, so shut up! I don't want to hear from you! Just stop Dan, just stop Deno. You are not oppressed and people in Oak Park and we are trying to recognize that as a community.
>You have been white from birth!
>I don't want to hear what you have to say!
>You shouldn't have an opinion on that. That is the point. Why do you have an opinion on equity!

Highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COzVGRhSOuI [Embed]

Long version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHdOMJ1NWR4 [Embed]

https://thedevilman666.blogspot.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/qanonreports


Yup. Masons help them. Masons are really just shabbos goy though. Their intent is some kind of inversion of all reality according to their doctrines from “redemption through sin” and “tikkum olam”. Robert Sephr and E Michael Jones both touch on this in their books and YT channels. They want us all weakened, poisoned and accepting of demonic influence. They get there through rampant degeneracy and causing us to give in to our urges and pleasures with no thought or ability to abstain. You must stand fast and reject it. Stop watching porn. Don’t eat their poisoned food and sugar. Get a good water filter (Berkey with flouride and small particulate filters), take 5k iu of D3 per day to counteract their SAI particulates (stratospheric aerosol injection/“chemtrails”) which is blocking beneficial UV, lift a few times a week and hike, run or go for long walks with your dog everyday. Practice “the transmutation of sexual energy”, one of the most important tricks they teach in synagogues and mystery schools; semen retention. It contains vital nutrients and life force, holding it in takes will power, but the more you do, the easier it becomes, and the better you are able to use alchemical laws to transmute that force into action, creation, financial gain, confidence, and vibrational energy. There is much that they have hidden from us, but it’s out there if you’re willing to look. Good luck lads. We win, in the end. The present is theirs, but the future is ours.

>Is there actually an agenda by some secret group to promote race-mixing, cuckoldry, mental illness, and general degeneracy in the new generation, especially young white men?
Yes, obviously. Such a large psyop demands a shitton of money, and a shitton of money can't appear out of nowhere, so they are backed by "secret" (Soros group, UN and all alike aren't really secret) groups.
>What the FUCK is happening to our society?
Death of ethnically european societies and complete dismantlement of patriarchy
Women, elderly and jews
Matriarchal gerontocracy in a globalized totalitarian society where everything is monitored and censored and where men have absolutely no power and are just forced to constantly work. The only men that will get to be free will be those from the virtually legally immune political elite, and those elite men won't help us, believe me, they will just treat us as slaves or peasants, while they rule like gods and kings. The elite will have an army of robots to put down any rebellions that men might throw in them, and its gonna happen very soon.
So all that feminist cuckoldry propaganda is basically a selection process. They give ways for weak, retarded and cucked men to reproduce, while they try their best to kill all the strong, smart, ambitious and patriarchal white males. Its an aritificial negative selection process, they want to get a breed of subservient cucked degenerates that will only be as smart as they need to be to perform at their wageslave jobs. The rest won't go through the selection process and will be removed from the gene pool.
Unless you stop them (through violence in minecraft), in about 20 years from now they will be able to achieve everything I've listed. And at that point all existence as an ordinary white male will be... well, pointless.

I am not condemning every single jew. Every child is born in innocence and it is their surrounding cultural (among other factors) that decides whether one will grow up to be a transgressor of natural law.

It is however, that Judaism as practiced by the judaic book of law, the Talmud, is the most disgusting, perverse, hostile and vile religion. Google Talmud quotes and confirm them for yourself on sefaria.org.

But this is not all. Most jews arent even aware of that I'd say, since it's not a mandatory read.
Look into Frankism and Chassidism if you want to know who's behind this. Will drop red pills on request.

Jews have been deliberately race mixing for thousands of years its actually their main strategy for dominance. Notice all the high profile ones like Zuckerberg and Soros have been marrying Asians.

There are currently Jewish CEOs and founders in every company in this list.

These are only the easily recognizable brands. Jews represent 1% of the population.

CTRL+F to find a business on this wiki page if youre skeptical.

Columbia Picures
20th Century Fox
Warner Brothers
Walt Disney
Sony (Chairmen only)
Tristar Pictures
Bad Hat Harry
Motion Picture Association of America
Academy of Motion Picture arts and sciences
New Line Cinema
Hasbro Toys
Toys R Us
AMC Theatres
Comcast, DirecTV, and Time Warner
Spike TV
USA Network
AMC Networks
Home Shopping Network
Saturday Night Live
Viacom which has BET, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, etc.
The Food Network
Home Depot
Family Dollar
Golds Gym
Nu Image
Hyatt Hotels
Yellow Cab Company
Rodan + Fields (Proactiv)
Burts Bees
Q-tips (Hold patent)
Victorias Secret
Bath & Body works
Creators of OxyContin Purdue Pharma
Medical Tribune and chairman of Medical Press, Inc.
Urban Decay makeup
Founded NYSE Stock exchange (formerly called American stock exchange)
Chase Bank
Goldman Sachs
City National bank
XPO Logistics
Ben and Jerrys ice cream
Baskin Robbins
Pabst beer
FIJI water
Monster Energy Drinks
Rockstar Energy Drinks
Mr Coffee
Dunkin Donuts
Mcdonalds (Canada & Russia and meat supplier)
Burger King (Restaurant Brands International)
Tim Hortons (Restaurant Brands International)
Popeyes (Restaurant Brands International)
Tommy Hillfiger
Mens Wearhouse
Calvin Klein
Levi Strauss
Ralph Lauren
Spanx underwear
American Apparel
Ecko Unlimited Footwear
Porsche GmbH
RCA Records
Sony Music
Ariana grande and Justin Biebers managers
Warner Music Group
Def Jam
Columbia Records
RIAA Certification board (Decides whats defined as platinum, gold, diamond etc. in record sales)
Atlantic Records
Universal Music Publishing Group
Ruthless Records
Manager of Rolling stones
Republic Records
Warner Bro studios
CBS Records
DC Comics
Pulitzer Prize (invented)
New York Times
Wall street Journal
Mens Fitness
National Enquirer
US Weekly
Rolling stone
Hudson Reporter
TED Talks
H&R Block
Zynga Games
Family Tree DNA
Getty images
Sports Teams owned by Jewish People

Los Angeles Dodgers
Golden State Warriors
Los Angeles Clippers
Miami Heat
Tampa Bay Lightning
Indiana Pacers
Atlanta Hawks
Detroit Pistons
San Francisco Giants (CEO)
Chicago White Sox
Boston Red Sox
Seattle Mariners
Anaheim Ducks
Manchester United
New York Knicks
New York jets
New York Yankees
Brooklyn Nets
New England Patriots
Dallas Mavericks
Milwaukee Bucks
Cleveland Browns
Philadelphia 76ers

Larry Silverstein owned the world trade center

Active US Politicians:


Governor Jared Polis - Colorado
Governor J.B. Pritzker - Illinois

Mayor Steve Adler - Austin, Texas
Mayor Ron Nirenberg - San Antonio, Texas
Mayor Carolyn Goodman - Las Vegas, Nevada
Mayor Eric Garcetti - Los Angeles, California
Mayor Libby Schaaf - Oakland, California
Mayor Jonathon Rothschild - Tucson, Arizona
Mayor Miro Weinberger - Burlington, Vermont
Mayor Andy Berke, - Chattanooga, Tennesse
Mayor Paul Soglin - Madison, Wisconsin
Mayor Steven Fulop - Jersey City, New Jersey
Mayor Rick Kriseman - St. Petersburg, Florida
Mayor Ethan Berkowitz - Anchorage, Alaska
Mayor Jacon Frey - Minneapolis, Minnesota

>Senators (9% total (500-700% higher representation when compared to population percentage of jews))

Senator Dianne Feinstein - California
Senator Ron Wyden - Oregon
Senator Chuck Schumer - New York
Senator Ben Cardin - Maryland
Senator Bernie Sanders - Vermont
Senator Michael Bennet - Colorado
Senator Richard Blumenthal - Connecticut
Senator Brian Schatz - Hawaii
Senator Jacky Rosen - Nevada

>House of Representatives (5.9% total (300-500% higher representation when compared to population percentage of jews)):

Representative Eliot Engel - New York
Representative Nita Lowey - New York
Representative Jerry Nadler - New York
Representative Max Rose - New York
Representative Lee Zeldin - New York

Representative Susan Davis - California
Representative Adam Schiff - California
Representative Brad Sherman - California
Representative Alan Lowenthal - California

Representative Ted Deutch - Florida
Representative Lois Frankel - Florida
Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz - Florida

Representative Andy Levin - Michigan
Representative Elissa Slotkin - Michigan

Representative Brad Schneider - Illinois
Representative Jan Schakowsky - Illinois

Representative David Kustoff - Tennessee

Representative John Yarmuth - Kentucky

Representative Jamie Raskin - Maryland

Representative Josh Gottheimer - New Jersey

Representative David Cicilline - Rhode Island

Representative Suzanne Bonamici - Oregon

Representative Susan Wild - Pennsylvania

Representative Elaine Luria - Virginia

Representative Dean Phillips - Minnesota

Representative Kim Schrier - Washington

Secretary of the Treasury Steven T. Mnuchin
Michigan State Attorney General Dana Nessel
Pennsylvania State Attorney General Josh Shapiro
North Carolina State Attorney General Josh Stein
Maryland State Attorney General Brian Frosh
Oregon State Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum
Delaware State Attorney General Matthew Denn
Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold
Massachusetts State Treasurer Deb




>the Black Hand is often viewed as having contributed to the start of World War I by precipitating the July Crisis of 1914, which eventually led to Austria-Hungary's invasion of the Kingdom of Serbia.[6]

This is a secret organization formed by the Jews to coup governments, corrupt police districts, take office, assassinate leaders, etc.

The distance between the different organisations and similiarities in their symbols is proof of that because at this point in history we had no internet.

Because its a symbol of a secret society...
they had to be told the symbols by someone who already knew.

They are all connected.

Our societies have been under attacked by the Jewish people for a while. They wage war through subversion and deceit.

They come in with a hand shake proposing a humanitarian front that thye know will purposefully lead into a direction their unwitting accomplice isn't aware of.

They subvert laws of nations outside their own and go as far as to take positions of power and influence and nearly exclusively give positions to other Jews.

It started with our religions.

Their end game is in our religions. They intend to genocide the world and enslave the ruin.

Hey bud, seems like you followed the same path to here that most of the rest of us did. There is a group with an agenda to rule the world. They are the Zionist Jews, their goal is to dilute humanity down to a brown mixed race with no culture, history or identity other than consuming products and slaving away for them. Most people, especially boomers, don't see this occurring in real time because the Zionists have control over almost all major telecommunications networks and keep accelerating the news cycle to bury any real efforts to expose them. Due to this a majority of /pol/ users simply just boil things down to "fucking Jews" which the Zionists love because it allows them to use their ultimate weapon: accusations of anti-semitism. There is so much more to this than the QRD I just threw at you; but stick around for a bit and you'll learn things that will scare you at first, maybe even feel like there is no hope, but your resolve will harden and you will begin to find courage to openly stand up against these monsters, even if it means forsaking their society. Hope this helps and welcome to the club :)