>the guy from the "Harry Potter Puppet Pals"
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neil was a shockwave OG [Embed]

"Robert Maxwell, Israel's Superspy" by Gordon Thomas:!Ms0WwQBB!UUVICWUCBNnJ_SOeoBQeFkejr4OJe3XuCE_n207xvEw
> Their business was prostitution, drug running, traffic in humans. When MI5 discovered how Mogilevich earned his money, they informed the Home Office which expelled him from Britain and publicly branded him as 'one of the most dangerous criminals in the world'. It is hard to believe that Robert Maxwell did not know that. Yet he continued to be drawn ever deeper into the dark and evil empire Mogilevich operated. A number of people who had crossed his path had been disposed of into the Moscow River or in one of the city's back streets. He had his own team of killers never further away than a phone call.