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Try being told from a young age that so much as liking your own color is the worst evil that can be committed. Try having the adults in your life scream at full volume that asking why all whites have to suffer for the actions of a few is racist. Try watching all entertainment slandering who you are for fun. Try facing all this in a time where Democrats, white self haters and everyone else cheers on your racial replacement. (Or they claim it isn't happening but that it should happen.) You would go crazy too. You might choose to kill too. You might write your thoughts down and send them out to various places too. The mind of the "big bad white man" is not hard to read anon. You just have to be brave enough to read it. When you are ready for the truth, we'll be here.

Unfortunately, the people they are bringing in are also simultaneously brainwashing into voting Democrat. The Democrats say, "Republicans are evil, will deport you if they get power, will sic the police on you, will use the institutions to keep you from succeeding, and will confine you to your enclaves. Most importantly you owe us for protecting you from them and giving you healthcare now pay up." We've certainly seen this pay for protection racket several times before, but no one learns or cares about history anymore.

He has gone ON RECORD saying the only reason he killed people was to get his manifesto out there to the public so people would talk about it.

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