Beware Anons

For so long I was like everyone else: I wanted to be a "good guy." I bought it for so long, until "good guy" meant hating whites. Then I snapped out of it and realized how fucked the current situation is. The anti-white narrative is so strong. Some whites are going along with it, but many are snapping out of the narrative. 

When "good guy" = "hating whites," what do you think whites will turn to? I suspect this narrative was carefully created by whites in order to, counter intuitively, make all whites hostile. From the writing on the wall, I think we've been getting set up for a massive race war which will be used do distract people from the ongoing corporate takeover. 

This racial shit is blinding people from the real enemy. The enemy is the corporations, the enemy is the rich who continue to sell out our nation. The more you feed into the racial narrative, the more you play into the master's game. Focus on the money. Focus on the power.