Jeffery Epsteins Island in Detail

What's inside Jeffrey Epstein's private island temple?
Dead kids
>Can you identify a type of architecture or hidden sinology on it?

It looks inspired by Phoenicians possibly Carthinigans, both were known for child sacrifice and the worship of Baal and Moloch.
pined down that goddamn flooring pattern?
that was like last part missing from sources of inspirations of that temple

It is all part of TIKKUN OLAM...

Those symbols on the ground that look like they are made out tile or whatever are easy to interpret. It's basically symbology 101.

Squares (or rectangles) = physical
Circles = metaphysical

Square building = earth
Domed roof = heaven

Masonic square is used to measure the earth (physical realm)

Masonic compass is use to measure the heavens (metaphysical realm)

This doesn't mean it's Masonic, it just means the Masons used basic symbology 101.

The triple square = protection in the physical realm.

The thing that people were calling a spring I'm going to interpret as levels. 

Doing whatever they do here (we all know what) grants you protection and a gateway into the elite levels of society. It basically means everything that we thought it would.

It is a an interesting thing that Epstein willingly chose to be a sacrifice. It is also interesting that, the following would be true either way: whether someone took the picture on purpose, and these leaks are a 'way' to very slowly carefully get the population more accepting to this, or if it was a traitor: all that is hidden shall be revealed. They are part of their own system they made and accidentally locked themselves into. Another word for that is cancer. It's a function. All things 'function' literally. But things are meant for the right place and the right time. 

People don't get cancer from technology. They get it because the ones that tell them they rule over them want them to suffer and die. And so, this happens. They truly will destroy themselves, willingly and without even being asked, the moment they see what happened to them. O Jerusalem, how far you have fallen! No further than before, because you were already at rock bottom, for the Earth is as solid as a rock for your feet!

For goodness sake, the lost tribe of Israel had to be starved and thirsted nearly to death for what may or may not actually have been an eternity, wrapped up into 40 years. To save them because they asked to be saved. They punished themselves over the same sort of thing happening today, and then asked to be saved, only to betray the saving and go back to old ways. You'll starve again.
This has been repeating in history for a bit.

It has been said: "Look into that place you dare not look; you'll find me there staring right back at you."

They don't control the weather though. Weather manipulation, quake causing etc. That sort of thing normally would already have a backlash that would have destroyed civilization. It is written: "destroy this temple and I shall rebuild it in 3 days". It is also written: "I shall destroy this house, and no one will built it."
It is also said: "Strike me down now and I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine"

Do note that although Epstein was arrested, the information you are all only allowed to see; what you are not shown is whether or not there was a raid. 

Only one of two possibilities:
Either this was an intentional sacrifice, in which there is no "raid" and no media attention to this, thus showing that this is merely a stepping stone toward peace they have agreed to in repentance.

Or, this is not intentional, and it has been raided, and what was found was so horrific that the most the public will ever hear about at most is kid trafficking and only the barest hint of eating people as per the ONE single specific photo shown.
If it was intentional and real, the place would have been raided most certainly.

Isaac Kappy's final video was filmed there. understand now??? why this is happening???

Holy fucking shit guys it's happening!!!

There are fucking tapes of everything that happened at Epsteins and he has blackmail on all of them.