how did this happen

It really starts with baby boys growing up in a very nurturing and overprotective household. Who could really blame the parents, right? They’re just looking out for the kid and making sure he doesn’t do dumb shit, like most parents do. Then it kind of lingers into early childhood. Let’s keep the kid out of competitive sports, that’s too dangerous, he could break something. Around this time the parents start to drift apart. Maybe a second kid popped out, maybe dad or mom took on another job to help with expenses, the honeymoon phase is loooong gone by this point, and somewhere down the line, the parents get a divorce. 

This can go either one of two ways. The dad keeps the kid which is rare (usually when the dad keeps the kid he turns into turbo chad unless the dad is some sort of soiboi) or the mom keeps the kid and the long process of single motherhood and emasculation truly begins. See, the sports shit and helicopter parenting is child’s play compared to the single mother. Usually single moms are horrible parents and go full feminist after divorce, keeping that dad away from the kids as much as humanely possible, dodges court orders, and is a general asshole to the dad. There is now no male influence in a child’s life. He goes to the communist school with communist female teachers with shitty zero tolerance policy rules designed by females with no concept of what testosterone does, under a single mom that most likely blames him for the divorce in a single mom household probably filled with fattening and shitty food, etc etc you get the idea. It just builds upon itself and in today’s society we let it.