they would rather cause earthquakes tsunamis and detonate nukes than face the truth of how they have manipulated and exploited the weakness of man
thats the whole game. people go on and on about they do this and they do that. the one thing they do is use our own weakness against us. we hand that to them willingly. its dirty. but can only occur if there is a moment of weakness. if you give it to them willingly.

 yeah, they are cannibals.... it's sort of that whole "Power corrupts" angle, they get into power and see themselves as "Alpha Predators" of humans, being at the top of the food chain.

Makes for some pretty good blackmail material, and marries with the satanism themes pretty well.

Some of them might actually believe that eating children gives them demonic power, but the real power in that act is the blackmail capacities that becomes a sword of Damocles, hanging above their head, and forcing them to do the bidding of mossad.
 Trump literally sent out a crypic tweet saying he knew who really did 9/11. For a leader of "conspiracy theorists" it certainly garnered little attention from the media. If he straight up came out and said JEWS DID 9/11 it would have been far too much, and they only go after him when they think he oversteps (which realistically he almost never does)
What are the last holdouts? Iran is certainly one. Venezuela isn't under control yet. china is the picture of what will be everywhere. its exactly what those in power want so they are good. Cuba but that one is easy to rekt at anytime. Who is left? North Korea sort of falls under the banner of a Chinese problem. I think they will fall in line also and just mainly exist to justify the spending on the US military for now. It and China have taken up that role. There are not many left. Which is not really a good thing. After all opposition is neutralized they will pull the plug on the US and it will be fallen fallen oh Babylon the great.

https://thedevilman666.blogspot.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/qanonreports


what i don't get it is: 
why aren't these people just going into hiding? maybe in some foreign country?
they've been acting like they're not worried at all, business as usual, yet they have to realize the noose is getting tighter and tighter around their neck.... but they keep showing up for work the next day instead of utilizing that time to hide.

just seems odd to me. like it's all being coordinated.

 Look at Jake Tapper's twitter page.
I have no idea why you kikes are even bothering with your raid here when millions of people already know everything there is to know at this moment 
I enjoy our little back and forth because I know exactly how you disgusting animals operate, but you should probably realize that you're making this much worse for yourselves.
Are a few shekels worth making the general population want genocide?
If you think this isn't going to come out you're being lied to and not paying attention. 

I know you are stupid and arrogant but you can just look back at the hundreds of times you've been removed from a population before if you need confirmation that it can in fact happen