All Clients from Epsteins black book

Including CNN's Chris Cuomos Daddy

Don't forget the CDs in Epstein's safe in his Manhattan townhouse. Those were labeled "Young [name] + [name]." You can bet that those second "[names]" are more than a little worried. Then there is the ranch in New Mexico where the NM attorney general is cooperating with the FBI. There is a lot more to this than just Pedo Island.

Dustin Hoffman?!?!
OH NO NO NO no no no no!!!!!
Hook was a pirate that kidnapped children.
Please tell me it wasn't a real story.
At least let me believe that Robin Williams was trying to save them.

It will be hard but they will make a blind eye to most evidence.
Remember, Epstein has everyone by their balls, so like in 2008, either those high profile people start working on getting him an excelent deal, or someone is getting doxed.... Epstein will NEVER have more than 5 years jail, and probably at home or in almost private comfy prison

It seems like they've got two types they use in this blackmail operation. The first type is rich, powerful, influential, and easily bought with the second type, young, naive, easily swayed with lies. Both of them are the blackmail targets and both of them get used. The powerful ones get placed into positions where their influence can be leveraged whenever and however it is needed. The young ones get supported and raised into media personalities, anchors, actresses, authors, musicians, whatever they want so long as it serves the desired social ends. If you consider that such an operation could have been ongoing for more than one generation, then the implications get a whole lot weirder than they already were. They basically breed with each other and select each other's most attractive offspring to molest and groom for future generations of the cult. In fact, this would go a long way towards explaining why the cult seems to be too stupid to succeed at controlling the world anymore: too much in-breeding.

I have been SAYING ALL ALONG that we will one day find that its not just powerful men who are pedos and rapists, but that all powerful people become warped by easy access to every common hedonistic pleasure. As a result, the truly perverse becomes the final frontier of hedonism and indulgence: pedophilia. Satanism rendered art. Or outright claiming intimate and full ownership over another human.

And, look, here we are! Barbara fucking Walters and a host of other up-and-up women right next to their disgusting, guilty male counterparts.

Hang them all.

Alec Baldwin - Page 6
Sir Anthony Bamford - Page 6
Lord & Lady Baumont - Page 10
Tony Blair - Page 11
David Blaine - Page 11
Mike Bloomberg - Page 11
Richard Branson - Page 12
Jimmy Buffet - Page 13
Prince Pierre d'Arengberg - Page 18
Duchess of York - Page 21
Duke of York - Page 21
Ambassador & Lady Fairweather - Page 23
Princess of Firyal of Jordan - Page 24
Lord & Lady Giliford. - Page 27
Lord & Lady Hanson - Page 28
Elizabeth Hurley (as "Liz Hurley") - Page 32
Michael Jackson - Page 33
Mick Jagger - Page 33
Ted Kennedy Jr - Page 35
Senator Ed Kennedy - Page 35
Christoper Lambert - Page 36
Dr. Henry Kissinger - Page 36
Courtney Love (circled) - Page 38
Cheryl Mills - Page 43
Rupert Murdoch - Page 44
Joan Rivers - Page 51
Jessica Rothchild - Page 52
Hannah Rothchild - Page 52
Duke and Duchess Rutland - Page 53
Edouard de Rothschild - Page 53
Evelyn de Rothschild.- Page 53
Saudi Crown Prince Solman - Page 54
Kevin Spacy - Page 56
Peter Soros - Page 56
Baroness Francesca Theilmann - Page 58
Ivanka Trump - Page 59
Donald Trump - Page 60
Chris Tucker - Page 60
Barbara Walters - Page 61
Lord Weldenfield - Page 62
Serena Williams - Page 63
Prince Michael of Yugoslavia - Page 64

Don't just look up the famous people, some of the non house hold names return very interesting data. Lots and lots of businessmen from London and Israel are in here. It seems London, New York and Israel are the sex trafficking capitals of the world

My suggest is not to go through the big names. A lot of the non household names are powerful people and those connections reveal more. Every single person in this document has a Wikipedia page, only a select ultra old rich people don't have much of a trace except foundations and events

Nobody cares. 
Kids are killed at Disney World/Land due to negligence, people still go.
Everyone knows there are pedophiles in hollywood, people still pay to see movies.
Everyone knows there is something suspicious about how many Nickelodeon girls turn out to be messed up junkies, people still let their kids watch it.

Nobody cares. 1000 British girls were raped by shitskins and there were no lynchings. Why do you think it would happen here?
What is bunk1-5?

Also anyone got a txt document that is searchable? someone must have done it by now

I'll get a round to it. Bronfman was the ones in on NXIVM.

Honorable Charles Pearson
>Charles Pearson is a Director of The Dickinson Trust Ltd, The Cowdray Estate Trust Ltd and the Cabardunn Development Company Ltd.

He is the principal partner in the Dunecht Home Farms Partnership, a farming business operating over 3,000 acres (12 km2) in Aberdeenshire. Enterprises on the farm include cereals, oilseed rape, beef cattle and sheep.

Charles Pearson and his immediate family are owners of Dunecht Estates, a diverse rural property based in Aberdeenshire and Kincardenshire. Dunecht Estates extends to 53,000 acres (210 km2) and comprises seven estates - Dunecht Estate, Ramoir and Campfield Estate, Dunnottar Castle, Forest of Birse, Edinglassie Estate, West Durris Estate and Bucharn Estate. Interests on the Estates include farming, forestry, field sports, minerals, let houses, commercial property, tourism and development land. Dunecht House, the Category A listed building that is the centre piece of the Dunecht estate, was sold to the Scottish business entrepreneur Jamie Oag in 2012.[1]

BTW, Epstein isn't Trump's only link to pedophile networks. Look into Trump's connection to CIA pedophile ringleader, Roy Cohn.

Anyone have any thoughts on the power outage in NYC being connected to this?
Servers "wiped"?
Accounts "wiped"?
Destruction of documents?
Someone here has to have some better ideas than me.

Jeffery Sachs. Jeffrey David Sachs (/sæks/; born November 5, 1954) is an American economist, academic, public policy analyst and former director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University, where he holds the title of University Professor, the highest rank Columbia bestows on its faculty. He is known as one of the world's leading experts on economic development and the fight against poverty.

Sachs is the Quetelet Professor of Sustainable Development at Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs and a professor of health policy and management at Columbia's School of Public Health. As of 2017, he serves as special adviser to the United Nations (UN)

I’d say NXVIM and Podesta are the two biggest connections these people will have. we know NXVIM is way way way bigger than we’ve discovered so far since it involves the Bronfman daughter. And Podesta/Alefantis have fallen off the map. we also have it confirmed now that Epstein paid women to bring other kids to him which is what the Smallville girl did in NXVIM. HOT SHIT DONTCHA Podesta probably psych-tortures the kids. NXVIM used to recruit recruiters. Shit is all connected.

Peggy Siegal.
>The publicist and hostess isn’t just a fixture of New York’s Oscar circuit; she’s the engine that drives the whole thing, organizing lunches and dinners and receptions and screenings that introduce Academy members to the year’s Oscar hopefuls and drive the conversation about every single film in contention. The best way to win an Oscar is to make a great film, but the best way to guarantee it is to get Peggy to shine a light on it.

She is the one you go to, if you want to win an Oscar

Peter Soros, needs no introduction

PETER SOROS lives between London and New York and has managed his family’s investment office since 1998. Their investment activities have been concentrated in a relatively small number of venture capital, private equity and hedge funds, and a broader range of direct investments in the energy, technology, telecom, consumer and financial services sectors. Prior to that period he worked as an investment banker and managed a hedge fund

Leonard Stern

Another (((Philanthropist))) and investment broker.
>Leonard Norman Stern (born March 28, 1938)[2] is an American businessman, investor, and philanthropist.

He is the chairman and CEO of the privately owned Hartz Group based in New York City. The company's real estate portfolio was owned and operated under its Hartz Mountain Industries subsidiary company, of which he is also chairman and CEO
>Stern was born to a Jewish family,[4][5] the son of Hilda (née Lowenthal) and Max Stern.[5] Max Stern was the German-born vice-chairman of the board of trustees of Yeshiva University for whom its Stern College for Women was named. He had emigrated from Weimar Germany to the U.S. in the 1920s after his textile business proved unprofitable, bringing along 2,100 canaries from Germany to sell on the U.S. market. By selling caged birds, bird cages and other pet bird supplies to U.S. pet owners through Woolworth's stores over the next thirty years, Stern's father built up the family business: Hartz Mountain Corporation (HMC), also headquartered in Secaucus, NJ. HMC later grew to become the flagship subsidiary of The Hartz Group. The business was named after the Harz Mountains of Germany. Though Canaries originally come from the Canary Islands the Canaries in trade are the result of selective breeding by farms located at Harz.

I was digging on day one when the emails dropped, from comet to the tunnels to Pegasus to worldcorp to Epstein’s temple to brocks parties...we’ve been blue ballsed with dead ends so many fucking times that it’s hard to get excited but this looks like it could finally be the big one worth digging into and Pandora’s box has only just been cracked open

i published the world corp videos to my bitchute channel CIA CLOWN 

Francesca von Habsburg

Francesca von Habsburg-Lothringen (born 7 June 1958) is an art collector and the estranged wife of Karl von Habsburg, current head of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine. 

The amount of women in on this shit, blows my fucking mind! Me fucking fucking too baka

I hear that fren.. pizzagate fucked me up for a while, I had to take a break cause I couldn’t get a decent nights sleep or stop thinking about the horrors going on and how all these people are involved and covering it up and then the useful idiots on the left helping them cover it up with their TDS and all the border invasion with no one even mentioning the child trafficking going on which is fucking weird why isn’t that every trump and conservative response to AOC and any other leftie crying over child separation. Just drop the child rape sex slavery trafficking stats relentlessly and they’ll shut up fast. But I guess the general public isn’t ready to hear it and have the reality of what’s going on shoved in their faces yet

Governor Charles Turnbull. Governor of the Virgin Islands where Epstein lives at little st james island

If you saw her instagram, you would think she 
was a 22 yearold instagram 'model'. She posts bikini pictures literally all day everyday like shes 20.

I mean she looks great, but its inexplicable to behave that way at her age. its attention whoring of the lowest order.

>pic sorta related
the type of girls she competes for likes with

>The amount of women in on this shit
“Women are wonderful” effect. no one wants to think women, the nurturing motherly caregivers of our children, are capable of the horrors they can commit when they’re emotionally convinced it’s justifed. ask yourself how it’s possible that with modern medical technology and knowledge SIDS is just a totally unexplainable random thing that looks a whole lot like a baby being suffocated in its crib in its sleep in the middle of the night by a frustrated emotional mother. Never find a kid dead from SIDS in the middle of a grocery store at 2 in the afternoon with witnesses around, funny that.

Daisy’s destruction had a female participant that was just as sadistic as the man. Smallville actress was bringing in children for sex slavery. Female child abusers are some of the most sadistic. But nobody ever holds them accountable everyone assumes the man involved forced them to do the things they do

Robert "Bob" Weinstein. Creator or Miramax and Dimension films. Ran Harvey Weinsteins shit

>2 years ago this looked like insane conspiracy by wackos
It’s hard to remember how innocent things felt before the 2016 election....when AJ was just a funny conspiracy nutjob and stuff like this just wasn’t realistic. Even just the alefantis Podesta stuff was like what the fuck. Like AJ sneaking into the bohemian grove and you’re just like oh okay that’s a thing. That’s a thing that actually happens. Eyes wide shut is a thing and everything conspiracy theory around Kubrick and his death and the actors involved in his movies is now a thing and what the fuck rabbit hole is this

Steve Wynn, he runs NUMEROUS casinos in Vegas

The Hillary timeline is a dark one fren. We wouldn’t even be having this conversation. Everything would be censored and shut down. You would have Dem rule forever as she floods the borders with 3rd world illegals while sending legal citizen males off to die in Russia and letting ISIS run wild to kill off the ones that don’t go to war while they all rape and breed the women and all Hillary’s debts to these elite sickos would get fulfilled as the pedo circles expand and get more blatant about it knowing they can’t be stopped

Police, Sergent Robert Goldberg...

All about Israel and the Island Massage parlor

Well hello David Rockefeller!!

just waiting for the connections to most powerful sub-par pizza joint operator in DC.
selling pizza to politicians is evidently enormous business in Washington

jimmy "hit the kids like a comet till they vomit" alefantis
james "enslave the kids in my pizza parlor" alefantis
ole' jimbo "my pizza sauce is made out of ground kids" alefantis
james "scott tenorman is a true story" alefantis
jimmy "dungeons, chains, leather & shipping container human trafficking " alefantis
jimbob "monroe in the front door, never leave, in to the museum behind my house" alefantis
james "live in DC, my museum is the pedo embassy" alefantis
big jim "drop 'em off at my house, chop 'em up in my museum" alefantis
james "just dont talk about my museum" alefantis
jimbo "what pedophile network?" alefantis
james "we don't even have a basement" alefantis
ayyy it's old jimmy "bloodthirsty rage upon the vulnerable" alefantis!!
jimbo "dont eat the hotdogs" alefantis
jimmy "dont even get me started on the punch" alefantis
james "the water in my museum" alefantis
jimmy "somebody poisoned the waterhole" alefantis
jimbo "most of my friends are homosexual pedos" alefantis
jim "after it was discovered my websites contained hidden downloadable content, a criminal destroyed my computers harddrive" alefantis
jimbob "i can help you burn down your island" alefantis

Ohhhhh hoe hoe tay! 

Ask Caroline she like living in VA. Sampson Rd, Dahlgren, VA 22448 amirite???

Ask Tommy Christopher how he likes living on Newton Ave, Oaklyn, NJ 08107 and how 

Ellen T Thomas 69 1947
Kathleen J Thomas 39 1978
Matthew J Thomas 45 1971
Megan E Thomas 34 1983
Robert J Thomas 74 1942
Robert S Thomas 53 1964
Ryan R Thomas 34 1983
Dana M Thomas 52 1965
Ethel Thomas 97 1920
Jack C Thomas Jr 54 1963
Jeffery S Thomas 43 1974
Kelly L Thomas 44 1973
Kimberly A Thomas 49 1967
Margaret R Thomas 76 1941
Clara P Thomas 74 1943
John F Thomas 46 1971

Are all doing...tell them hiya from me...will ya 

Ask Oliver A Willis' fat ass how southern MD is. Sweetwood Pl, Waldorf, MD 20602 right? Wait...I ALREADY KNOW HOW IT IS! But, ask him how 

A Wills 46 1971
Ann Wills 48 1969
Beverly L Wills 40 1977
Cheryl D Willis 49 1968
Cheryl M Wills 57 1960
Christopher N Wills 38 1978
Frank Crosson 46 1971
Jane T Thomas 54 1963
Karen A Wills 64 1953
Oliver A Wills 65 1951
Seth T Sahid 37 1980
Sheila Sanders 61 1956
Ricky B Wills 57 1960
Tina L Wills 46 1971

Are all doing XDDDD tell them, suuuuuuuuuuup XD

Wait wait's his mammy and daddy

Mom and Dad 

Karen And Oliver Willis(Sr.)

Montezuma Dr, Fort Washington, MD 20744 is a shithole XDD

His sister Tina Sahid, Arbory Way, Laurel, MD 20707 Laurel huh??? My ex is from Laurel...blow them a kiss from me, k? 5/10

And don't forget you little wanted this