8 Million Americans on Government List to be Rounded Up

This bothers me less than it probably should. In the Accounting world in relations to Fraud Investigations there is a metric that we use to determine people's risk factor.

10% of the population will always steal no matter what and will look for ways to steal
10% of the pop will never steal no matter what the situation or circumstances
80% will steal given the proper financial pressures, ease of access, and how cheated they feel by the person they could steal from

The best way to prevent fraud is to ensure that the 10% thieves are made to go away, so they don't cause problems for he 80%. You also do everything you can to reduce how easy it is to steal, make people not want to steal, and give a financial safety net so they never feel they need to.

This seems to me to be the list of the 10% that would need to go away in a SHTF situation to keep the 80% from getting dragged down.

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