Obama knows Biden is going down with pizzagate, so he is not backing Biden for the 2020 race.

By tweeting out this picture, he is reminding Obama that he too is a pedo. Biden is saying, "If I go down, I'm bringing you down with me."

He tweeted this right after Obama's former campaign manager David Axelrod came out and said he thinks Biden can't win and should bow out. Also really odd, because he's tweeted that picture before several years earlier. Pic related.

i have ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY no problem at all believing joe biden is a kiddie diddling pervert after viewing those dozens of times he touched people inappropriately. i for one do hope the dems run this creepy pervert against trump because not only will trump win but the memes at this kid touching freak will be amazin.

It's not always pizza. Sometimes it's pasta sometimes it's hot dogs. It depends on what kind of mood they're in for their meal. By the way the former chairman and current C.E.O. Of Twitter happens to be a pedophile.

Bro. Each bead is symbolic...
The Mandela representing the ritual vibrations.
The smile for the pleasure they derive from it...
Their names are both on it, notice the green string goes around Joe's name but not Obama, chakara color maybe some codified color symbolism??

Obama's side of the bracelet has a star not pizza suggesting he will continue to be fertile in his efforts or will be protected or something...

Idk just some symbolism guesses if anybody with a wider scope of the occult wants to step in here ;)

These guys are fucked. Go dance in a field to get the same level of nirvana without the sacrifice. They pray through evil so their actions beget evil.
Gotta put in good to get good..


Fake news was propagated by the media as a response to pizzagate in order to 'debunk' it.

Trump and 4chan quickly turned this around on the media and began calling them fake news. Which really isn't hard when that is exactly what they are. Completely blew up in their faces, although succeeded in killing pizzagate.