They are Moving Nukes Around this week???why???

i have some info 
someone who works as military PD says they are moving nukes around on trumps order to FL and to WA has anyone heard anything on this?

i need info i like to write a report on this.?


That's just where they're going first. FL nukes will be transported to Georgia, Virginia, Kentucky, New York then Maine.
Others will undergo similar tomfoolery and eventually end up in Alaska, and Texas.

This will conclude by September. Reasoning is related to a terrorist attack against Russia by ISIS that planned to happen end of August.

Can’t reveal my sources, but there was a broken arrow while in transit from Florida to Georgia. Containment was handled with little concern with any harm to the public. The ‘terrorist’ attack is being changed, but with similar plans.

Stay out of Vegas this month.

He is pretty happy from what I hear.

On a serious note. We move nuclear bombs/weapons all the time. Nothing new. Of OP speaks truth, then FL and WA have nuclear submarine bases in common along with other military installations. My guess the nukes would be for the Navy. But, there are nukes already out in the fleet.

You should be more interested in the 100 FBI Agents going to Taiwan next week.
is never wrong.