NXIVM - Well, Pizzagate is Real Edition

>Nxivm Keith Raniere found guilty of all charges

>sex trafficking, conspiracy, racketeering, possession of child pornography.
>Stormy, Alefantis, Schneiderman, and Weiner involved 

>Opens door for more pizzagate related criminal activity to be exposed, leading us closer to Epstein Island and Clinton involvement

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look into projects ULTRA and OFTEN, also note that declassified documents dealing with topics like remote viewing frequently discuss ayys and say they are extradimensional, describing their plane as similar to the "astral" realm but different, using te term "loa" in describing their plane which is a distinctly an occult term.

note that the greatest ufologists speak of these beings as transdimensional and NOT interstellar. note that the best ufologists are almost always connected to the so-called "new age" movement, which is gnostic to it's very core.

these beings fear the name of Jesus, and this has been documented by Christian and non-Christian ufologists and pastors,priests, and exorcists. the motives of these beings is at best neutral and usually MALEVOLENT. they are demonic intelligences.

of note, many abductees are connected to satanic ritual abuse or ritual abuse, whatever term you want to use. many scoff at this. the problem for the scoffers is this

the franklin scandal

the Dutroux affair

the finders cult

westminster pedo dossier

casa pia


whether ufo shit is all an illusion or not is moot. what we do know is that vip pedo rings are real, and supranational in scope. we know the house of windsor, orange, rothschild, and many other elite families are involved (see the Dutroux affair, Epstein affair, Westminster pedo dossier, etc...) we also know the top judges, magistrates, representatives, presidents, prime ministers, and power brokers of all kinds are involved.

we know these pedo rings are tied to the occult, and that this goes back generations. we know ufo phenomenon is tied to the occult, and we know intelligence agencies are connected deeply to all of this.

what we do know is very little, but the little we do know and all of the implications which come from all of it is astounding. we are starting to actually uncover real proof of a cosmic battle waged all around us.


If you ask me this goes well beyond pizzagate, epstein island, clinton's hawaii and spirit cooking, the connections are all here, what is missing is just some Soros adrenochrome connection

he image attached is part of some department of the treasury investigation paperwork on the finders cult. a page or two in the image you will see that the men, part of the finders cult, were taking children supposedly to a "school for smart kids" in mexico. it has been revealed by whitley strieber and others that the city in particular was monterrey.

a few days ago msm said busts were made on NXIVM schools/daycares in MONTERREY MEXICO

Is that Alex Jones Lawyer? He has the same lawyer as the Bronfmans

>Roger Stone lobbied for NXIVM. Alex Jones shares same lawyer as Bronfman sisters caught sex trafficking children

>Imagine my surprise

And torturing them and eating them

It's always them, every fucking time.

no evidence at all. just appeared suddenly the same day as the verdict was read. too convenient. don't focus on the child porn that the jury saw. don't focus on the actual evidence in the case. ignore the connections to two former presidents of mexico, the bronfman family, senator schumer, senator gillibrand, hillary clinton, richard branson, etc... look over here instead.

digs are made in secret on iirc
already found a lot of shit
not going to post it until ready
this time they will not damage control the situation

to the bad goys, the blackmailing is no more your concern, you are going to wish to have spoke up before the intel leak, we are going to ass blast you guys into another galaxy.

The npx is in Arizona right down the street from where kappy died in Route 66. It’s a weird fucking Santa thing in the middle of a desert in the largest child trafficking state in America.

Whitley Streiber also wrote a book called The Hunger about vampire-like creatures and being able to prolong life by blood transfusions. The main vampire is named (((Miriam))).


It posed as sort of a New Age-y self-help group for rich people, where they could go to learn about themselves and improve their lives with affirmations and crap like that. That was a cover for human trafficking and sex slavery.

>puffy eye bags and dark circles or puffy eyes
It comes from very early stress the child suffers, you'll also see it a lot in babies born premature. Friend of mine has a kid who was a preemie who has those puffy bags to this day.
Not to say you're wrong, just saying the only 2 instances I've seen that baggy eye shit is preemies and abuse victims.

The problem is breaking the floodgates, we know we can’t use our usual tricks to get the msm reporting in on this shit. So how the fuck do we do this?

Frank Giustra founded lionsgate films in Vancouver and was implicated in the Uranium One scandal. He was chairman of merchant (lol) banking firm and has many ties to the mining industry. He is quite the influencial man and probably a key figure to all this.

We all know the MSM doesn’t give a shit about trafficking, probably because majority of the owners are implicated. So the question that remains is how do we spread the word about the most recent breaking news involving NXEIVM etc. 

Social media only has so far of a reach, so I’d propose the “IOKTBW” method and maybe just put flyers up so that local need reports it, then eventually the MSM reports it. 

What short sentence would get the most attention? Without being illegal? I’m thinking “HIGH CHILD TRAFFICKING AREA” 
“Use caution”

How do we do this?

It will be difficult because a majority of the normies cannot stomach anything that has to do with sexually abusing children. Even when they know it is true, they do not want to hear any of the details afraid that it will scar them mentally.