#Nxivm Connections

but the problem is that they're ALL connected. There's no ONE starting point to narrow in on and build a case from the ground up. NXIUM is connected to Fiji water which is connected to the Bromfmans which are connected to the DNC which is connected to Libya and Syria which is connected to CEMEX which is connected to the Trilateral Commission and CERN, which is of course connected to the US Government and its private sector investors like First Principles Inc which financed NXIVM and so on and so forth. Then other MKULTRA shit like Tavistock, Manson, Hubbard popped up and they had a relationship with Jet Propulsion Laboratories which was connected to Steve Paddock and then my bells really started ringing. 

My thesis is that the totality of their connections IS the one thing that is worth narrowing in on. Once the broad relationships are established then it will be much easier to explain the smaller details of who does what and where they fit in the hierarchy. Before we found Comet Ping Pong we needed the Wikileaks to break pizzagate, and once the connections were in place regarding David Brock, John Podesta and James Alefantis, Comet Ping Pong was an inevitable discovery.

I will, one day. It's just truthfully too much to do at once, and people will ignore the information overload. And inevitably I'll get a couple minor details wrong, I'm already finding out so much today that I didn't know before, I'm by no means an expert. But I think the other thread does a good job of connecting them but you have to do the work yourself to see it. I get that normies won't, so that's why I'm trying to build to that point but I don't know if we're there yet. 

For example, I had no idea Manson's lawyer had any affiliation with Tavistock or any of this shit. I just briefly mentioned Manson because I was talking about the occult methods of mind control and I knew he was connected to Jack Parsons. That triggered another anon to dump a bunch of information on Manson's background that I never knew about. And that process has repeated itself over and over through the past two threads so I have faith that the connections will become more and more apparent the more we dig into it

mkultra programs never ended
now they have super ultra advanced tech which can literally fuck up our brains

Finally some people who will appreciate this information. Check out this patent that was filed by Keith Rainere



>Determination of whether a luciferian can be rehabilitated

This goes so much deeper than sex. Do you really think the satanic elites need a cult to acquire underage sex slaves? Absolutely not, they can get whatever they desire on demand. They don't need Keith or his cult for sex slaves. What they need from Keith is the information from his Mind Control experiments. 

Due to the restrictions placed on the State after the Freedom of Information act, secret government programs like MK Ultra and Monarch Programming had to be transferred to the private sector where citizens can't legally sue for declassified information. I believe that NXIVM is sponsored by the CIA's private sector affiliates and is a front for running experiments on using sex to brainwash people and turn them into compliant citizens. This would help explain any connection between Rainere, Alefantis, Podesta and the Clintons. NXIVM is a government mind control program, not just a simple sex cult. Keith Rainere is a Crowley-like magician who uses physical and mental stimuli to reprogram people according to his desires. This manifests right now as "Have sex with Keith" but it could easily spiral into "Kill this person for me" the way Manson did (who was also a chaos magician likely affiliated with the government and L Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons, but that's a different story).

Thomas Petersen Co-Founder at First Principle worked on a project called Ghostnote: "Already one of the most talked about productivity apps. Featured on ProductHunt. Ghostnote adds contextual notes to almost anything on your mac. Add notes & todos to folders, applications, open documents, even websites. Think about it as post-it-notes for your OS."
Website: https://www.ghostnoteapp.com/ (visually very similar to First principle LLC website)
I am not really tech litterate but I wonder if it could have been used as a backdoor/spy app.

wo concurrent conversations, I know, but here's another doozy. David Attenborough and Cemex own a nature reserve together. Are you telling me that one of the world's worst polluters and the Bono of nature shows have a private patch of land where the elite can party away from the prying eye of plebs? Not bad for a Mexican cement company.

https://thedevilman666.blogspot.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/qanonreports


It doesn't matter what you call it, manipulation of mental realities through language, glyphs and rituals is a real science that is being employed to make us feel powerless, anxious, and dependent on the stimuli that the elite feed us to control our personalities. 

Chaos Magic has a uniquely Crowleyan focus on ritual, but it's based on the same Hermetic principles of the Mind that Gnostics and alchemists study. The author of the Secret describes it as "Mental Alchemy".

Magic is the manipulation of perceived reality through your Will. Hermeticists believe that the All is Mental in nature, so if you can change a person's mind then you can change their physical reality as well. It's more complicated then that, but you know the basics. Funny enough, The All is Mental is the FIRST PRINCIPLE of the Hermetic Kyballion.

It's neither a good or bad thing, no more than "technology" can be considered an evil thing. The principles exist and can be manipulated. Meme magic is right hand path white magic, that seeks to use these principles defensively in order to protect our fragile sense of personhood from psychic warfare. The elites, gnostics, Masons, Jews, satanists, whatever you want to call them, want to use these principles to apply left hand path BLACK MAGIC to control OTHER people. Right = Defensive, Left = Offensive. The government has cozied up with occultists in the past, but they've demystified the process by applying the scientific method. What we are now witnessing is black magic on the grandest scale ever seen - Collective Mass Hypnosis thanks to the likes of Rainere and the other DOD experiments Rainere connects to. 

There's also ritual sacrifice, Goetia, and Theurgy but I wouldn't describe that as much as magic as I would Summoning. If you play D&D, it's the difference between a Wizard and a Warlock. 

Speaking of the Secret, it was first popularized by Oprah who we now know was in deep with John of God

rst Principle LLC is located at: 1012 Pennsylvania Avenue Southeast Washington, DC 20003 United States

When you type this address in a serach engine you end up with AMC Hawk & Associates ,Business Management Advisor in Washington.

The weird thing is it seems they dissapear suddenly 3 years ago from a review (pic related)

>Magic is the manipulation of perceived reality through your Will

Yeah, that's not magic. That's Crowley. The whole will thing he stole from Nietzsche.
Nietzsche said the will to mach...later translated after WW2 as "will to power". But German "Mach" is where we get our word machine, to craft. Nietzsche was saying all things that exist have a will to self creation or self preservation as forms, atoms, stars, life, planets... so on.

The ORIGINAL meaning for "magic", it's etymology, was "craft". It came out of the pre-Persian medes culture. They were light worshipers who use to burn sorcerers alive. Zarathustra created Zoroastrianism and said all the gods were fake or more like angels/demons and there is only one god, the Lord of Wisdom (Ahura Mazda) and his symbol is light/fire.

But real magic is creative works or craft. This can include:
>science/tech of any kind
>creating religions
>story telling 
And so on... In ancient times someone who could pull metal out of the ground and make a sword was seen as doing the work of the gods, "magical" and as it became more widespread if became 'common' or not "high magic".

So "black magic" = deception, illusion, cult indoctrination... in modern times it's know as black propaganda. Christianity is black magic. 

And "white magic" = creativity, technology, arts and crafts, building society, philosophy. In fact philosophy came out of a rejection of the corrupted Zoroastrian magi priesthood of the Greek's enemy Persia. 

 Nobody saw this video the last two threads, but you guys need to see it. If you do really care about this thread, then don't scroll past this video. Back it up and keep it some where.

Somebody posted the interior image of this building before but it was empty. Now we see it with scantily clad children retrieving water (?) from separate sinks and pouring it onto the flat circle in the center. I know this video had big significance, but I don't know to what yet since I never saved the image of this room when I saw it, and I should have.

"Will power symbolism" is straight up gnostic escapism bullshit that came out of Christian mysticism (aka Alexandria Egypt and the gay christian-judeans who were fighting with the NeoPlatonists elite because they feared Christianity, so some Christians created an alternative to D&C the elite culture of Alexandria and the philosophy schools). Paul writes to them in 1stCorenthians because they're practicing orgies, incest, and money scams.

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Raniere is tied in with the DoD through various people and businesses. To understand it better, take a look into his schooling. He's 'private sector', of course it's a step further. Look at all of the patents he holds. I only linked the ones I thought to be most interesting, some patents were repeats of patents he already had which I thought was odd.