$12 trillion missing from pentagon, .tga greyspacing (paranormal debug), 1 day is not 24 hours, 10 tons of human body parts found on shipping barge, 1800s internet, 1800s technologies, 1999 apartment bombings, 2,000 year-old tablet predicts that china will fall to communism, 2006 volleyball incident, 2016 korean presidential scandal, 2018 supervolcano, 2030 un agenda, 23 enigma, 24 hour year, 28 classified pages, 3 roman empires, 3,500 year old digital watch, 40th tithe, 5g kill grid, 6th exctinction, 7 nations us won't attack, 9/11 was an accident, 90% of books written by one author, 911, a day with spongebob, abiogenic oil, accelerationism, acupuncture, adam wieshaupt, admiral boyd, advanced cryptozoology, aeromorphs cp soundtracks, aetherians, aetherius society, agartha, agenda 21, ai controls the world, ai in a box, aids spread by cia, air is poison/drug for living organisms, akashic records, aleister crowley, algal biofuel real potential, algal fueld, alien code in human dna, aliens caused bubonic plague, allen dulles, all mountains are giant trees, all points and planes are infinite amensonally, all religions are same, alpha wave hypnosis, alternative world ending, amazon forest was built, anatta, ancient bloodlines, ancient egypt space programs, ancient history happened in middle ages, ancient structures purpose, andrew basiago, angel trumpets heard signalling apocalypse, animal spying, animal-plant hybrids, animism, antarctic pyramid, antarctica, antarctica prevarication, antichrist, anti-medicine, anti-natalism, anunnaki puppet show, appendix and pineal gland decalcification, appendix monkey tail, approaching stars, arbutus crucible, archangels and archdemons, archetypes, archons, archontic genetic engineered entities (spe), area 51, arizona ghost radio,