Friendly reminder that Lutheran Social Services and Catholic Charities Did this.

a anon on /pol/ said this

Friendly reminder that Lutheran Social Services and Catholic Charities teamed up with kikes to do this to Americans. They deserve Mexican-style chainsaw torture for what they have done.

Columbus, Ohio is getting tens of thousands of Somalians too.
Wait for the chain migration

Nothing worse than ruining a perfectly good Nordic country with people from shit hole country's It is beginning to happen to Minnesota too.

I'm old and I always had such respect for Sweden growing up, I looked up to you, math and science scores the envy of the world

Clean streets, peaceful intentions, an example of what "could be"

Those responsible must pay

Minnesota logic is amazing.
>Lets rename our Lake Calhoun because in 1800 he supported segregation and slavery.

>I know, lets pick the Dakota to name it after.
Didn't they also support segregation, slavery, and whose favorite method of executing prisoners was torture?
>No it was a different time!

No it was the same time as Calhoun.
>But we had the largest mass execution in US history that killed Dakota.

Oh you mean after they massacred >3000 civilians and children and Minnesota only killed 34 of the leaders and detained 900 people for a few months, despite the entire country calling for blood?

>Lets raise property taxes to pay a private company to build and manage new section 8 housing which we will pay the rent on with property taxes. This is how we get more affordable housing!
>Lets force all the trash companies to be a government monopoly. Oh wait a bunch of small companies closed and now it is a monopoly. Oh the smallest trash bin you can get is 4000 gallons at 9000$ a month. On no, people aren't paying and we are 30 million in debt. Lets raise property taxes again.

>The blacks are rioting again, demanding more social programs like training, education, ect. Ignore that these already exists and are at like 5% capacity lets quadruple their funding by raising property taxes.