90% of jews in the US owned slaves.

In 1860, the peak of slavery, the total free population of the United States and its territories was 27,489,561. A total of 393,975 people owned 3,953,760 slaves. 



That's just 1.4% of the total population that owned slaves.

While 90% of jews in the US owned slaves. Pic and link related. This is a jew source. Other sources have it MUCH higher. 


There were 200,000 jews in the US in 1860.


90% of 200,000 = 80,000

So about 80,000 jews owned slaves.

393,975 - 80,000 = 313,975 non-jews owned slaves.

80,000 jew slave owners

313,975 non-jew slave owners

Thus, at a minimum, 96% of all slave owners were jews, despite being just a minuscule 0.7% of the population. The actual percentage was likely much higher.
Reminder: Despite what is portrayed via jew controlled media, Billy Bob le evil white male on his 10 acre dirt farm did not own slaves. Slaves were *extremely expensive* along with other factors (white Christians typically being opposed to slavery etc).

Who bought slaves and had them imported to the US? The mega plantations. Who owned and ran the mega plantations? Pic related.
After the exaggerations and outright lies surrounding the Holohoax, the biggest redpill jews desperately attempt to hide from the goyim is their role in the African slave trade.

90%+ of the Africa to North America slave trade was a jewish enterprise.

The bible on the subject: http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/webbin/book/lookupid?key=olbp66186


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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7VkQSb7JlI [Embed]

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