4cHAN IS Compromised ???

Alright, fair enough, some light hearted responses, but srsly,
would anyone get their info published and go full Brenton Tarrant, using force and saying "fuck it" to retaliate, or feeling like they might as well since their 'secret' was out? What did it really accomplish anyway? If many people started acting like him there would police/military on every block in every town/city/region in the whole world and they would do sweeping confiscations that would probably lead to many deaths but it would still win out in their favor. In America there are many privately owned civilian guns, but that's because of a much smaller number of actual people that buy massive amounts of guns.
There must be something about Ghandi's method of non-compliance, or some better way other than brute force methods because they are holding all the cards with their modern people-corralling toys i.e. long-range acoustic weapons and even water hoses and tasers.
There is simply no way to fight and win, but you can at the very least not submit to evil and act in non-compliance. Right? 

tl;dr Maybe I'm just jumping ahead but what would it matter if they published all the private info on posters?

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