2014 - 2015 USS Roosevelt fleet UFO incidents and UFO disclosure

>During 2014 - 2015, the USS Roosevelt and its fleet of destroyers frequently encountered UFO's

>At times, encounters happened daily for weeks and lasted up to 8 hours.
>60 different pilots encountered UFO's
>The UFO's were seen on radar by the pilots and several destroyer's. Radar techs performed fault checks and the UFO's were still there
>The UFO's came in 3 variations. 1) The largest is the disk-like one in the OP image and video below (roughly 12 meters/40 feet wide). 2) Smaller, oval shaped, white craft 3) Cearescent balls with a black square inside it (several pilots saw these)>>The 2) craft flew in formation and were at one point accompanied by craft 1). 
>The craft would disappear into thin air, both on radar and visually.
>ALL of the craft disobeyed our current knowledge of aeronautical engineering and aerodynamics. No visible propulsion system, no wings, no aerodynamic design for lift, instant acceleration and deacceleration (with g forces that would kill a human) to mach speeds, etc.

>Some of the pilots were later deployed to Syria during the US/Russia Assad debacle and encountered the same small, white, oval crafts in Syrian airspace.

>Many videos were taken of these encounters and the radar data was stored and retrieved. It's all highly classified.

>The video below was released by the then head of AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, a program which was until very recently secret. It's purpose was to study UFO's), Luis Elizondo, to Tom Delong with the support of people very high up in the Pentagon
>The footage we have is cut and controlled, it's much longer than what we have
>Delonge has been in contact with people very high up in the government and in the aerospace industry, there are elements in both that want disclosure of UFO's, but there are also elements very much against it.
>Luis Elizondo, a 20 year counter-intelligence officer who ran AATIP, compiled dozens of documents and tried to inform General Mattis, but was stonewalled by people in the pentagon time and time again.
>Several Generals approached him off the record and told him they wanted AATIP stopped, as they feared UFO's were "demonic in nature".
>He quit AATIP as its head, but is still in possession of high security clearance and now works with Delonge, the Ex-Head of Skunkworks, Christopher Mellon (ex-Assistant Secretary of Defense for intelligence), and several other scientists and engineers, with the stated goal of forcing disclosure from the government.


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Now all the above is confirmed fact, but there is some other stuff that is absolutely insane and possibly disinfo. But it is interesting nonetheless
>According to Delonge, he is being drip fed information by people high up in the government and in the aerospace industry about UFOs
>They have picked him because 1) Some of them feel they must reveal the truth to the American people 2) He arrived close to the truth himself 3) He is willing to portray the information exactly how they want it 4) He has appeal to the younger generations as a well known rockstar
>Delonge has been releasing books, both fiction and non-fiction, featuring the information he is being drip fed.
Here is what he has released so far
>The U.S. government has been aware of aliens since the 1940s and in possession of advanced technology
>Elements within the government decided to keep it secret as they feared people would not be able to handle the reality of it, in the context of WW2, Nuclear weapons, and the Cold war with communists
>The Nazi's were the first to achieve this technology, it's not disclosed how
>Some of the Nazi's fled to South America with knowledge of this technology and later fled to Antarctica
>They built a base in Antarctica and had a fully functioning flying saucer with advanced technology
>Admiral Byrd led operation high jump to deal with the Nazi threat in Antarctica. They encountered the Nazi's, destroyed their UFO, and took the surviving Nazi scientists to work at area 51

>Roswell was real and a craft was retrieved for reverse engineering
>The U.S. government has managed to create several highly advanced craft (the Black Triangles) through reverse engineering, most of this was funded by a cabal of financial elite as well as by the government
>The financial elite, basically a shadow world government, is interested in creating a break away civilization
>The most advanced alien craft that we have retrieved are driven mentally, with our consciousness 
>Most UFO sightings are of our technology, but there are actual aliens visiting the planet who are far more advanced than us. He doesn't know if our governments are in contact with them
>We have satellites up that see up to 100 alien craft enter and leave our planet on a daily basis
>There are multiple alien races, but some of them are actually from our own planet
>They have been visiting us from the beginning of human history and may have played a role in genetically engineering humans
>Our ancestors worshiped them akin to niggers worshipping american planes and technology during ww2, i.e. cargo cults
>All the pyramids that were built around the world were built to worship these aliens.
>The pagan Gods were actually aliens (such as the Greek pantheon).
>There's a covert war going on between all these species, some of them are hostile, and some are not
>Russia and China are also in possession of this technology

theres multiple dates
~02/07: first major sighting at 34.326883, 107.159318
~04/07: second major sighting at -36.780339, 174.766292
~05/07: major disclosure by Brazil [operacao prato data]
~06/07: Third major sighting at 26.735758, 56.700025
~09/07: Fourth major sighting and permanent hovering above 31.776713, 35.240997
~13/07: Major disclosure by US + Israel and military action to 31.776713, 35.240997
~19/07: Descent
~20/07: Contact
~23/09: Commencement

Stop believing this CIA larp. Elizondo was never the head of AATIP and the Pentagon confirmed it. Delong made a total ass of himself and TTSA on Joe Rogan's show like a bumbling moron. All of these ayy shills are pushing the Elizondo show Unidentified. Limited hangout, begging for movie deals. Don't forget Harry Reid of Nevada who sponsored all this blocked an audit of the FED 13 times.

There were two saucers that attacked Byrd's armada, and they didn't destroy either one.
They never made it to the Antarctic base, they simply threatened to nuke it, and expose the network of Reich hierarchy in Argentina, if the Reich did not share this tech.
They were bluffing, they wanted the tech so badly they would never have nuked the base, so the Reich got a better deal, as they knew this.
The Reich is the "breakaway civilization" and they hand-picked the members since before the war was over.

The rest is political intrigue, and very boring.

The Exodus account"

-Pillar of cloud by day (white), pillar of fire by night (Luminescent) 
-YHWH was in the pillar
-It lead the Israelites in the wilderness for 40 years
-Moses went into the pillar on Sinai

The Nimitz tic tac ufo encounter, witnesses saw a large, white cigar shaped UFO submerged in the water below the smaller one. 

The Kingdom of heaven is at hand, they are here, they have always been here. 

Go through your bible and replace the word "heaven" with "Cosmos" ... 
"Clouds of heaven" with spaceships
"Chariots of fire" with spacecraft
and it all takes on a whole new meaning.

>> It is unlikely tech exists that could keep any human alive at that level of acceleration, so what were seeing are likely drones.

The rest of your post was ok, this was retartded. Drones would also break apart instantly with that amount of acceleration, unless:


s, but when it comes to Lazar, it is clear that his story is much more complicated than either what he openly claims or what the skeptics say. It is clear he lied about his credentials, also in the new documentary he is asked if he stole 115 from Los Alamos. Los Alamos, not area 51. The two are mentioned so often in the film, that most normies won't even notice, but it might be a key to the story. To me it is almost obvious that he was not a credentialed scientist but a highly smart practical man who rose through the ranks starting as a lab technician. He likely made up his credentials to hide his identity and maintain plausible deniability when he first came forward to the media, back when he did not disclose his name, which came to bite him in the ass later by destroying his credibility.

The secret just secret technology the government has been developing, no ayys. The recent disclosure of navy encounters is then testing the craft out in the open and using the navy to collect data, as evidenced by the immediate removal of the tapes after the incidents. The first hand accounts indicate that removal happened so quick that it would seem someone knew in advance. The underwater craft was likely a stealth submarine command and control center and possibly an inductive charging station. It is unlikely tech exists that could keep any human alive at that level of acceleration, so what were seeing are likely drones.

If the govt says they're ayys, that gives them plausible deniability if they want to operate these craft in territory without political ramifications.