World demographics

Jews utilized wealth acquired from strong positions in finance and merchantry to bride and cajole White elites. As time went on, they shifted towards a platform utilizing blackmail and entrapment, particularly of a sexual nature.

If one has overt influence over media and finance, they also have overt influence over government in a society such as the Western nations have espoused in the last century. If one can parlay this into overt influence in academia, one then exerts overt influence over the FUTURE of media, finance, academia and government via control of credentials (extremely powerful in a credentialist society).

The White elites subsequently allowed ever greater perversions, and the Whites - suffering from a societal malaise as the consequence of too long a period of comfort combined with a memetic onslaught by the jews - followed their lead.

The enemy numbers grow, you should have kids. Don’t complain the white pop shrinks if you don’t help out. Even tiny ethnic groups in Iraq who have been killed for centuries by Arabs and shit are still plentiful in number. Look at Japan too, they’re having many of the same problems minus mass immigration. Yet their population will still be around 800 million in the future. Hell, there’s even data that shows that migrant families tend to, after a certain generation, regress to low birth rates. And with the rise in technology like artificial wombs, you could be seeing Kamino style birthing of our folk. If you want the white race to exist, make it. If you want to give up, then die.

Don't worry though. The society has already started to unravel. Its just matter of time now.
See, I've been thinking, there's only really three positions to have.
Our societal house is on fire and something needs to be done.
The most common position: Nihilistic hedonism. Do nothing about the fire and play with your genitals, following the appearance of power where it arises.
The second is preservationism. These people see the fire and think "Well we've got to put it out! We've got to save the house!" and they go running around trying to put out the fire, seemingly without the will to acknowledge that a bunch of hook-nosed goblins, who live in the house and are the ones who lit the fire and whose very presence is equivalent to a gas leak (minor issues explode into major ones; exacerbation), are running around lighting fires that flare up every time he starts to make headway on any given fire. As such, his task is a hopeless one - the house is going to burn down.

Then there's the Third Position. The Accelerationist. He sees the house is burning down, and recognizes this will cause hardship and strife... But he also realizes that hardship and strife were already ubiquitous within the house, and that the house itself is a befouled deathtrap full of pitfalls, used needs and Ebolaniggers. Not to mention those fucking goblins. So he says, "Fuck it", and starts dumping gas on the fire, hoping to burn it down as quickly as possible, as to get around to the task of rebuilding in its ashes as soon as possible.