Why so many Single moms these days????


This is how Indianapolis women live.

Step 1. Don’t get married. Fuck you dad I’m going to be a strong independent woman.
Step 2. Become entry level nurse at Eskenazi Health. “I shit you not, that’s the name of the hospital.”
Step 3. Get fat as shit in just a year. (Every friggen time)
Step 4. Wonder where all the real men went. 
Step 5. Accidentally have drunken sex because he’s the only dude that is attracted to you
Step 6. Oops I’m pregnant 
Step 7. Jamal vanishes 
Step 8. Have to raise some nigglet that looks just like the man who left you a single mother. 
Step 9. Have sex with guys on tinder for the rest of your life, but at least I’m not a racist lawl. 
Step 10. Work until your die of a stroke at age 50. 

The “sexy nurse” meme is the biggest lie ever told. Pic related is my neighbor. Many such cases...

They hardly ever go to prison. 

Nigerian rapist of a 12-year-old got 40 days of community service in sweden just recently.