What exactly was the point of his rampage?

Since then in New Zealand we have had

> semi automatic rifles banned, gun license now near impossible to get
> 500+ family of the killed given permanent visas
> 15 million given to those Muslims involved
> compulsory mosque visits for school children starting in 2020
> hate speech laws rushed through parliament 

And the New Zealand public has not batted an eye. Just what the fuck was his end game? Just being an auscunt? Or something else?

gun ban
speech law
more hatred between christians and muslims

what more do you need?

What was his end game?
Get all the guns to become illegal in New Zealand
Give the jews and jew media a opportunity to sperg about white people being evil racists
Get white people and muslims to war
Get muslims to randomly attack white people
>Who actually benefits from him uploading the mass shooter drill as being a real happening?

Remember the Canadian mosque shooter?
The mosque had a rape gang and cops where not able to put a stop to it or lay charges.
So he grabbed his gun, went to the mosque and told them
>Point out the guys that are doing the raping
A muslim fellow that has been here for years didn't like the fact that they where bringing the Islamic law into Canada because he escaped here to avoid it was kind enough to point out the 6 rapists.

The good Canadian fellow then executed the rapists in proper fashion and then turned himself in.

I would not be surprised if this was a Mossad operation. Who the fuck takes a vacation to Israel? Besides, Brenton said fuck all about Jewish power and subversion on our societies. That was the red flag for me as I read his manifesto. And then I found out that he was in Isreal. Just ask yourself, OP, who benefits from Terant's attack?

I'm aware of this and they are getting no where.
The people that are saying they want to ban guns here are not aware of the fact that we have natural predators that will eat us outside the cities.
The land here is untamed for the most part, Even when the vegetarian animals hunt in the winter they have no jam to kill a human rip us open and eat the contents of our stomach.
Every household outside of the cites normally has at least one of each type of fire arm. Most of the time they need to be used at least 2 times during the winters and once in the summers, that is just for protection alone, not including hunting.

the liberals will not be taking anyone's guns before they are kicked out of office this October.