is derived from a video that I thought was connected to Kappy but now understand that it has zero connection to Kappy. That's not to say that we shouldn't be investigating the video, since it's creepy as all fuck, but I'm going to concentrate on how Kappy died and what evidence we can garner.

Anons, , we are going to be discussing the political implications of Kappy's death, and likely assassination, who he was linked to, as well as what information can be garnered from it.

Also related is the recent leak of the Turkish bath house which seemed to show underage girls being groomed. Odds are that this is all liked to pedophilia in hollywood, and other such madness. Focus on investigating Kappy's death, and figuring out what the symbolism behind the bathhouse webm is, any ideas are welcome.

Does anyone recognize this symbol?
The symbol of the Order of the Golden Dawn's rose in this context is kabbalah jewish magic.

The cult was created by Aleistar Crowley.

He was killed either way. He was openly exposing the pizzagate stuff, telling people it was legit. 

He was definitely off his meds, and going crazy, but who wouldn't if you were directly challenging the people he was? Any details about his death, and the information he was talking about before should be noted.

In this scope:

chris tucker
prince andrew
bryan singer
naomi campbell
alan dershowitz
alex jones
richard branson

and another name that I missed

This is a screenshot from Isaac Kappy's scope with the comments crawl included. He did blink twice after being asked to wink twice if he was under duress.

I just flicked through Painton Cowen's The Rose Window and the following rose windows with twelve-fold symmetry:
West Rose, Fountains Abbey, c1250
North Rose, Braine Abbey, c1185
West Rose, Laon Cathedral
West Rose, Chartres Cathedral c1194

It seems that later rose windows used greater symmetry as they became more complex.

He names Alex Jones as a pedo?
No, he names him as connected to, and funded by, Epstein


He was a D list actor but it enabled him to be invited to some cool Hollywood parties. He became friends with the actor Seth Green and his wife.

His encounters with Seth Green and his wife are the only real information he ever disclosed. Everything else was either hearsay or Hollywood lore.

Started here:

A long time ago, when Toy Story two came out. My parents had the big dish satellite with the ku-band, they used to stream live feeds of actors talking to the different local news outlets in the country . I had watched many of those, but the one I'm thinking about was with Tim Allen , He talked shit about Tom Hanks to the people that were filming the interviews,in between the live news interviews (they kept the stream running, even if it was 15 minutes between interviews) that time was when you'd find out how these famous people really were in real life. 
Well Tim talked about Tom Hanks, called him monster perfect and people would fucking want to lynch him if they knew who he really was in real life. That discussion stuck with me, but I never really understood what that meant until now . Tim talk about how he didn't hang out with those types irl

Snapshot May 16, 2019
>"Judas Iscariot"

Snapshot October 5, 2018
>"Judas Iscariot" not there yet

Unfortunately there's not snapshot between those dates.

>no there is no direct link to kappy. it popped up on /pol/ a couple of days before he died and people just speculated that he posted it.

The video was posted on Monday night 5/13/19. It was entitled : you pizzagate retards were close but not close enough. The thread lasted for 18 minutes before the jannies exiled it to /bant/. It then got comments dated Tuesday and Wednesday.

Isaac Kappy died the morning of Monday, 5/13/19 around 7:30am MST.

>So much was going on underneath the temple of doom
>well i hate to be a harbinger of bad news
>but uh, people took devices into the temple you freaking idiots
>that's why, that's why we have everything
- Isaac Kappy on periscope just a week before death

Obviously you put 6 kids into the smaller inner squares, blindfold them, give them knives, and they all stab the kid who's placed into the center hexagon. The bigger squares are obviously where the six elders stand. The blood from the sacrificed child obviously runs through the triangles, and the elders feast at the rectangles on the end... obviously.

All kinds of obscure but sometimes staggering info. For example:!CihTnDxb!laSTkj6uGTskWJvCwuZDlA!evwHTZYK

>Special Federal Reserve Board Account no. 5525525424AM
>with account name of Spiritual Wonder Boy
>and with standing balance of US$ 2, 178, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000
>reconfirmed and reconsidered matured audit dated December 1, 2008
>that guaranteed and reconfirmed earned worth of US$ 410, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000
>from the month of October up to this month in the total of US$ 2, 588, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000.

1.if kappy actually knew anything, he would drop names and facts. not just "seth rogen is a pedo" but some actual facts and some actual names connected to these facts. as in date and place, who was there, detail about what happened etc etc
2.kappy was a washed up actor who apparently was hungry for attention. i'm not saying there are no pedos in HW, obviously there are a lot of pedos but to expose the you need to name names. did kappy know pedos?? possibly. did he actually expose anything except general shit that leads nowhere? no.
3.was kappy the only one who said shit for hype alone? no. there were a lot of washed up actors hungry for attention who made claims about pedo shit in HW. but they never gave any names tied to any facts
4.the most real shit was leaked by that young faggot who got buttraped by X-Men director bian singer. that was one of the most genuine leaks out there. did it get picked up by anyone? no. why? coz it was real and shit got hushed real fast
5.conclusion - if any real shit with names and facts actually leaks out, then it's hushed and shoved under the fucking carpet really fast with possible dead whistleblowers, just how to happend in 911 investigation, clinton shit and cia coke shit. if some unauthorized shit leaks - it gets damage controlled real fats. if anyone who "speaks about the leaks" and doesn't immediately get damage controled\killed or whatever the fuck.. then it's just a hyping attention whore or a straight up shill.
6.kappy was either an attention whore or just a diversion faggot. just like that faggot feldman. just like that faggot elijah wood and all these faggots who never dropped one single name and never even mentioned one single fact. here is a fact for you - they are all kikes. ain't it a coincidence? kikes shilling for pedos. lol.
7.why did kappy kill himself?? who gives a shit. was he killed by someone? possible. why?? who gives a shit. does he look like "ourguy"? no. fuck him.

Kappy's death is more important than people realize imo. In 2016, and 2017, there was a string of whistleblowers in Hollywood, exposing people like Weinstein, Spacey, and a ton of other (((Executives)) hell they even managed to expose George Takei for molesting littleboys, and he somehow dodged that bullet by blaming the russians.

Kappy's death needs to mean something, and we should be trying to make as much noise about his murder as possible, because let's face it, he was one of the last whistleblowers around. It's 2019 now, and we have no one, nobody is stepping up to the plate to expose pedophilia, and nobody is exposing anything. It's been a dead silence for more than a year now, with no new information, no new crackdowns. 

Kappy was killed because he was probably seen as a loose end by whoever is cleaning house. If this information does lead anywhere, we need to follow it, and try to expose something.

Not sure if this has been covered. I know there's no proof linking the video to kappy. The video was originally posted on /tv/.
The first
was shoa'd in under 7 minutes despite replies
The second time
was delet within 10 minutes despite 15 replies?!!?
This one within 1 minute
Less than ten minutes deleted despite replies

>Kappy is killed on same day as bathhouse video
>Police outright refuse to investigate his death thoroughly
>Kappy constantly talked about how the people he worked with are pedos

Did he submit new info? No, but he reaffirmed what people had already exposed by saying out loud that he has been around these people, and that they are pedos. His existence lends credibility to what anyone who has been talking about this shit is saying.

It doesn't help that he's a funky ass jewish looking dude making vlogs. So maybe he really is a disinfo agent, but either way, he was murdered. 

I think he was murdered because he probably sucked some dick in order to even get the roles he did in hollywood, and doing what he is seen as a betrayal by the hollywood pedophiles, even if it didn't do that much damage. 

It's suspicious and its worth investigating.

Hollywood and Washington are brothers

Hollywood includes YouTube stars. Actually that's all that matters at this point.
Baked Alaska 
Joe Rogan
Tim pool
Faith "Goldie"
Andy yang 

Kek did you know pizza paperboy is in the yang gang? Me either until today, it was a glorious find for me, I'll use that in the future for sure. Kek.

his death is strange, without doubt, a total op. but that's just it. i've always thought kappy was complete and utter bullshit. he was presented as this bombshell whistleblower when he first popped up out of nowhere, faded into irrelevancy for the most part, with most believing he was a total shill distraction. another hoover dam op if you will. then his completely bullshit suicide full of knowledge gaps and improbabilities and stretched coincidences that could have all been concocted by whomever wanted to make us question his death to get the most out of larp shill (height of the bridge, situational details, "two teens", tom hanks tweet from 2 months prior). 

tom hanks is undoubtedly a pedo fag weirdo and like i said before kappy talked about very real subject matter... that we have all been discussing for a very long time and without the added bullshit he added for flavor.