this is your brain on tap water

I always thought this whole fluoride bullshit was fucking retarded until one of my Law teacher started talking about it. This is probably the most intelligent lawyer I've seen in my life and he gave good arguments against putting fluoride in water. Anyway, because of him and some other guys we don't put fluoride in water in our provinces. Yes fluoride is good against tooth decay but it's a bit like a poison... It kill bacteria in your mouth but it also attacks your cells.

Pineal gland is what gets calcified

A pineal gland, the gland that produces melatonin.
The theory is that fluoride penetrates the blood brain barrier, leading to heavy metals like aluminum and lead entering your brain and "calcifying it."
this has been linked to alzheimer's patients, who during autopsy are found to have massive amounts of aluminum and fluoride in their brain, literally turning your brain into a solid rock.
Your pineal gland is strange and mysterious. Yes it produces melatonin, which helps regulate REM sleep. But it also produces a drug called DMT and when it's calcified, the theory is that the lack of your body producing DMT leads to you having a decreased will to resist hardship or aggression.
Therefor, fluoride is a Jewish plot to destroy the will of the goyim to fight back, at the same time making them acquire mental illnesses.

 its sulpher hexaflouride, a by-product from aluminum factories that was made illegal to put into the atmosphere. Sigmund Freuds nephew, and the uncle of the founder of Netflix, Edmund Bernays told the mining companies to sell it to cities and let people process it through their bodies, rather than paying for disposal.

apple cider vinegar daily
daily meditation
celibacy (no porn no fap no sex for long periods of time)
all organic non gmo foods (have chickens or grow your own if you cant afford it)
filtered water through a reverse osmosis or gravity filter.
activated almonds bi weekly
no coffee no sugar
regular exercise & sun exposure

Also add to this iodine, turmeric extract, and semen retention/nofap.
Iodine is best taken through iodine tablets made from sea kelp.

Also cardio 3-5 times a week and make your body healthier.

You can drink water bottles, just make sure it's purified and keep the bottle away from heat.
If the bottle has exceeded temperatures of 80 degrees that's when the plastic starts to make the water toxic.
Studies have found most water bottles are harmless, it's the heat and exposure to UV rays that makes the plastic leak into the contents.

Try to get a fluoride water filter, they exist, and drink out of glass. In the mean time just buy purified water bottles/gallons.

There's a couple brands that sell capsule blends.
Now foods has one I think.
Iodine is a gift from God, though. 
You can even consume small amounts of pink salt for iodine.

Iodine has such an astounding effect on the brain that if you take it for bed, sometimes you're so mentally stimulated that it is hard to fall asleep. It's very useful but take it early in the morning.

Hexafluorosilicic acid, often labeled as hydrofluorosilicic acid is what is most commonly used for ffluoridation in most water treatment applications. 
t. water treatment.

The only reason I was ever given by both my employer and the state division of water as to why we feed it was ”muh teeth.” It has literally no effect on our finish water and I have no clue why we even feed it.

That image is incredibly important. Just because something is labeled as a study does not make it credible. Having multiple studies SUPPORT that single study with peer reviewed analysis would help make it credible. The problem with science today is that a lot of it has become politicized, and many of the studies being conducted today are not replicate-able. The scientific community is also in a bind because a growing portion of it is not fact checked but instead thrown out as gospel when it confirms the desired bias for a particular agenda.

This is what happened with health studies in the 50's and 60's when businesses interfered and got fat labeled as the main source of unhealthy intake when in reality it was sugar and high doses of sodium in order to prevent loss in profitability of sugar.

You cannot trust a study simply for the fact that it is called a study.

You're going to want to meditate and listen to music similar to what I have listed below with headphones on. You may also want to listen to them while you sleep with headphones. When meditating, focus on the center of your forehead with your eyes closed. With time, you will feel slight pressure in the center of your forehead and a swirling purple color. This is normal. Depending on how bad your pineal gland is calcified it may take up to a few weeks to crack it open. When you do, it may literally make crack sound but it will feel good though.