Social Credit: How to decrease Jewish influence.

realizes that Jewish influence is what degrades society, and that it's not only Jews at the top who enable it- it's a team effort for Jews.

As such, a Social Credit system would hold all Jews to account, and highlight to society exactly WHO is doing WHAT.

>but I want to privacy

You don't have it now, and you freedom is decreasing fast.

>but government is evil

Government does its job- take your lolbertarian mantras elsewhere.

>but it will never work

It will work- and whether or not you accept it now, within 10 years America will adopt a Social Credit system, whether you like it or not.

For once,we have the chance to be on the right side of history.

Social credit already exists in the USA in the form of fiat currency. Both are just scales of numbers with no gold standard that the government will use for evil. (Fuck you OP the government does NOT do it’s job).

Mind you, even a gold standard requires belief in the value of gold. That said, metal is a bit more stable a standard than some shmuck whose job entails NOT inflating the ever loving shit out of his currency. Because whichever fuckhead is in charge of those printers always fucks it up.