pros and cons

>your personality changes (impatient, anxious, angry, depressed, suicidal)
>it causes memory loss and seems to slow brain function, even when sober; I have become dumber and live in a pervasive mental fog
>in between drinking sessions, you're perpetually distracted, anxious, short-tempered, and sweaty
>it makes you want to eat shitty food at shitty times of the day
>it ultimately leads to dangerous and irresponsible behaviour (drunk driving, promiscuity, wasting money, etc.)
>it makes normally enjoyable things almost impossible to enjoy. I look forward to nothing but drinking.
>it gets progressively worse; cutting back becomes more difficult and drinking in moderation becomes impossible
>it kills all passions and, without passions, life is very miserable [THIS IS THE ONE THAT NON-ALCOHOLIC WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND]
>it destroys impulse control. Lack of impulse control leads to a whole bunch of other terrible things

>it creates problems that only alcohol can "solve"...every day, forever, until it kills you.

Well done bud. I wrote out my pros and cons of continuing to drink. Lots of overlap with yours:
>you feel, for a few hours, relaxed and happy (but this diminishes quickly after the 3rd drink)
>it makes socializing easier (in the beginning) and, arguably, more fun
>it can facilitate fun in general, but for short periods of time

>it is sweet and delicious; or rather, I've acquired a taste for it

Pros -
- Memory
- Better emotions
- clearer skin and eyes (look like I am glowing)
- lost weight
- Better workplace efforts
- blood sugar isn't fucked up all the time
- better conversations
- haven't committed any crimes
- I have a dream basically every night
- better diet
- better sleep
- more positive thoughts
- better eyesight, sense of smell
- can "feel" again
- know myself + interests
- shit I found interesting when I was young is interesting again
- much more stable
- making progress on goals
- have goals
- no hangovers/ruined days

Cons - 
- remember shit in the past
- lost basically all my friends
- don't do much on weekends anymore (reading)
- rarely talk to women
- bar scene is much more difficult
- weddings gay
- going out is generally gay and uninteresting
- harder to meet people
- have nothing in common with 95% of my generation
- haven't gotten laid in over a year
- most women my age are just wine freaks
- most people look ugly af without alcohol
- notice how much fatter everyone is
- ironically work out far less
- no "release"

- much more difficult to connect with someone