Pizzagate on Fox & Friends this morning #pizzagate #qanon

Look at the swirl.

Screencap is from earlier this morning.

This is why the news has been chimping out about so-called "family separations" nothing more than traffickers being split from the people being trafficked.

Unironically, how can they keep getting away with this?


After School Special is a 2011short film about pedophilia whose cast includes Sarah Paulson of American Horror Story and The Bird Box fame and Wes Bentley from American Beauty, which coincidentally centered around a middle-aged man lusting after an underaged high school girl. Coincidentally, the older man was played by Kevin Spacey, who has recently been accused of abusing teenage boys.

Also somewhat of note, Paulson, who is in her 40s, is dating a woman in her 70s.

Pic related is a shot from 7:51 that includes both pizza AND a certain familiar spiral symbol identified by the FBI as related to pedophilia, and it occurs immediately after an adult and young boy explicitly discuss having sex with each other.
Start at 7:20 for full context.

Was watching this movie and she's wearing the spiral earrings

A few minutes later, the dude that plays in the new joker movie is having flashbacks of playing with kids while laying in bed

HP Lovecraft wrote fiction about an evil ancient cult from deep antiquity that survived into the present and moved unseen through modern society serving their dark gods.

Do you want to know what's the best part about committing the sorts of atrocities that lesser men would be executed and forever scorned for? Bragging about it. Look at the kind of people doing all the signaling. Police chiefs, wealthy business owners, lawyers, religious leaders, well-connected politicians, government officials who get to sit down and talk with the president. They're in charge, they own you. Worse still, they're the ones who've been tasked with being the country's moral compass. Let that sink in. The rape is just the tip of the iceberg. These people do so much worse.

Remember when CNN coined the term fake news in a segment about pizzagate before dropping it completely when that backfired.

Isaac Kappy found "suicided" on Route 66.

One month earlier, Creepy Tom "Hanx" writes

>Historic Route 66. Roadkill? I hope not! Hanx.

All childhood idols are being torn down after Trump became president, so many of them also look like aids victim which reinforced the theory of "Adrenachrome".

Spielberg is rumoured to be one of the most powerful pedophile ringleaders in hollywood

Remember when the traffic cam was moved before the comet ping pong 'shooting' and moved back afterwards. And the lawyer present in the restaurant identified a weapon that was in the trunk of the car not on the shooter, the shooter who had a acting career and was memory holed later. The shooter who fired one magic bullet through a door but still hit the server from the top. Remember pegasus museum. I member.

I only saw this music video a few weeks ago. As if the live action part isn't edgy I was legit jaw dropped during the animated part towards the end where not only does the kid turn into a hotdog, you get a shower of pizzas and a fucking witch making a spiral, all in quick succession of one another. Infuriating how blatant it is.

>Also the CCTV cameras on the Comet Ping Pong street were rotated 180 degrees for the one day the shooting occurred.

Yeah, that was what I actually meant by "my Pizzagate skepticism died that day." We were "joking" on Voat when they moved the camera that it was so they could do something to cover it all up.

And then they did.
Not sure about the hit and run thing though.

 every use of one of those symbols doesn't prove there's a pedo behind it. It's possible a graphic designer could innocently draw a swirl.
But when you're talking about a group of people who have already been caught trying to traffic in children who aren't theirs, the appearance of a pedo symbol is a pretty big red flag. 
The real question is where Fox got that picture. If that was literally being carried by one of the culprits or the kids that didn't match, then it looks like an advertisement. It wouldn't be surprising if child traffickers bringing kids through the system would have a way to signal which kids are available so purchasers on the inside can spot them and approach the "parents".

Member when Jimmy stored his tomatoes in the basement?
Member Jimmys pig farm in VA?
Member Eli Sizemore?
Member Cheezybay?
Member Baracks fav hotdog stand in Hawaii?


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