Mind control in media

Freemasonry is full of jewish symbolism because it's basically esoteric kabbalah for gentiles.

Link to their rituals by the way.

From last thread:

Scottish rite masonry has submitted to Jesuits since the 19th century:
Popish origin of English freemasonry:
"Loyola was a converso" refuted:


Apparently they have to be tolerant of all religions and think we all basically worship the same God. How anyone can call himself a christian and mason is beyond me to understand

The Beatles legit feels like hypno music. I've never liked it. "Gimme Shelter" has MK Ultra-tier lyrics.


An outstanding example of social conditioning to accept change, even when it is recognized as unwelcome change by the large population group in the sights of Stanford Research Institute, was the “advent” of the BEATLES. The Beatles were brought to the United States as part of a social experiment which would subject large population groups to brainwashing of which they were not even aware.

When Tavistock brought the Beatles to the United States nobody could have imagined the cultural disaster that was to follow in their wake. The Beatles were an integral part of “THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY,” a living organism which sprang From “THE CHANGING IMAGES OF MAN,” URH (489)-2150-Policy Research Report No. 4/4/74. Policy Report pre-pared by SRI Center for the study of Social Policy, Director, Professor Willis Harmon.

The phenomenon of the Beatles was not a spontaneous rebellion by youth against the old social system. Instead it was a carefully crafted plot to introduce by a conspiratorial body which could not be identified, a highly destructive and divisive element into a large population group targeted for change against its will. New words and new phrases–prepared by Tavistock(1)– were introduced to America along with the Beatles. Words such as “rock” in relation to music sounds, “teenager,” “cool,” “discovered” and “pop music” were a lexicon of disguised code words signifying the acceptance of drugs and arrived with and accompanied the Beatles wherever they went, to be “discovered” by “teenagers.”

construction began on the WTC the same year that 9-1-1 became the nat'l emergency number.

Also, Donnie Darko (a film that revolves around a fatal plane crash) premiered at a movie festival on 1/19/2001. Its wide release took place in October of that year.

Plato explains how certain types of music would have to be restricted from the population or limited to only certain people who had already learned to control their passions.

I thought it was common knowledge that music has a huge amount of power of the people. One of the reasons I don't listen to the radio anymore or anything produced in the modern world. All of it literal CIA trash.

“When on the East the sheer bright star arose

that tells of coming Dawn, the ship made landfall

and came up islandward in the dim of night.

Phorkys, the old sea baron, has a cove

>here in the realm of Ithaka; two points

>of high rock, breaking sharply, hunch around it,

making a haven from the plunging surf

that gales at sea roll shoreward. Deep inside,

at mooring range, good ships can ride unmoored.

There, on the inmost shore, an olive tree

throws wide its boughs over the bay; nearby

>a cave of dusky light is hidden

for those immortal girls, the Naiadês.

Within are winebowls hollowed in the rock

and amphorai; bees bring their honey here;

and there are looms of stone, great looms, whereon

the weaving nymphs make tissues, richly dyed

as the deep sea is; and clear springs in the cavern flow forever. 

>Of two entrances,

>one on the north allows descent of mortals,

>but beings out of light alone, the undying,

>can pass by the south slit; no men come there.”

Homer, The Odyssey, Book XIII, transl. Robert Fitzgerald

Theologists therefore assert, that_these two gates are Cancer and Capricorn; but Plato calls them entrances. And of these, theologists say, that Cancer is the gate through which souls descend; but Capricorn that through which they ascend. Cancer is indeed northern, and adapted to descent; but Capricorn is southern, and adapted to ascent (note 12). The northern parts, likewise, pertain to souls descending into generation. And the gates of the cavern which are turned to the north are rightly said to be pervious to the descent of men; but the southern gates are not the avenues of the Gods, but of souls ascending to the Gods. On this account, the poet does not say that they are the avenues of the Gods, but of immortals; this appellation being also common to our souls, which are per se, or essentially, immortal. 

It is said |28 that Parmenides mentions these two gates in his treatise "On the Nature of Things", as likewise that they are not unknown to the Romans and Egyptians. For the Romans celebrate their Saturnalia when the Sun is in Capricorn, and during this festivity, slaves wear the shoes of those that are free, and all things are distributed among them in common; the legislator obscurely signifying by this ceremony that through this gate of the heavens, those who are now born slaves will be liberated through the Saturnian festival, and the house attributed to Saturn, i.e., Capricorn, when they live again and return to the fountain of life. Since, however, the path from Capricorn is adapted to ascent, hence the Romans denominate that month in which the Sun, turning from Capricorn to the east, directs his course to the north, Januanus, or January, from janua, a gate. But with the Egyptians, the beginning of the year is not Aquarius, as with the Romans, but Cancer. For the star Sothis, which the Greeks call the Dog, is near to Cancer. And the rising of Sothis is the new moon with them, this being the principle of generation to the world.

This doc details the city of Baiae. It was a wealthy coastal city. The Emperor built experimental buildings, and had party goers talk about how the interiors affected them emotionally. Concrete let them play around with shapes like never before.

3D video games are an infinite continuation of this kind of thinking. Vidya are totally fabricated, experimental worlds designed to illicit an emotional response from the participants.





Final Fantasy 7 had an interaction where old men invited you to a private sauna, and you end up in bed with one of them. Watch this, it's normalizing old pedos gang banging kids.

Yakuza must be heavily tied in with it all, just look at the rackets they are known for running as well as government intermingling. Reminds me of Gumpei Yokoi leaving after the failure of the Virtual Boy for Bandai, making the Wonderswan which went on to be pretty succesful in Japan then was killed in a "highway accident". It's no secret how linked the game companies are to yakuza groups either, I remember a really good documentary about Nintendo's old president Hiroshi Yamauchi and how he had dealings with them but it's been scrubbed from the internet seemingly.

So whats the deal with the jesuits?
They were founded by a jew who was investigated twice by the spanish Inquisition for connections to the Alumbrados (The Illuminati) centuries before the Illuminati was created by Jesuits and Jews in bavaria.

More than half of the Jesuit founders were jews. So many jews dominated the jesuit order that the catholic church and pope started requiring background checks to determine Jesuits were not jews going back multiple generations but this was discontinued


This may be worth listening for you. I've seen a lot about Mozart and The Magic Flute which he gets in to about 15 minutes in but the whole beginning is talking about that time period in Europe, including Adam Weishaupt and the original foundation of The Illuminati. 

I've always suspected the Power Rangers was occult. The 1995 Power Rangers movie is hard to find clips of. Looking at it now i think it was predictive programming. The female sages look like soft core porn actresses. The Power Rangers travel around as a rainbow of light. The Power Rangers are a NWOesque multicultural fighting force bonded by new age spirituality, and a desire to fight "the enemy."



>44:00 Ivan Ooze wears a crescent, and downward star hat while handing out ooze to children.

>49:40 sad frog power ranger

>1:23:14 Parents all under mind control, and suicidal after exposure to children's ooze(Ooze may allude to the Hermetic dark moisture)

>1:25:20 Ivan Ooze is smashed and the rings of light(Saturn) free the parents from their suicidal spell cast by the Ooze. 


(((Haim Saban))), the head of Saban Entertainment, approached Toei offering a partnership to air the then-most recent Sentai show, 1992’s Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger. He had become fascinated by the Super Sentai concept, after seeing the 1985 show Bioman. But unlike Marvel, Saban did not want the full show: Their request was simply to use the action sequences that had been shot for all 50 episodes of Zyuranger, so that Saban could build an entirely new action series around it (and, most importantly, own the majority of the rights to it).

Ivan Ooze has an Order of the Eastern Star style star on his chest.


46:40 Ooze infects parents and makes them slaves

47:15 Ivan Ooze promotes his Ooze drug over television

48:00 porn chick promotes animism to the multicultural Power Rangers

The "Ooze" felt like a metaphor for something. Like a karmatic warning.


This allowed Saban to essentially eject the vast majority of Zyuranger’s plot, and develop a vastly different story to slot the action sequences into. Originally, Zyuranger was not about modern-day people becoming superheroes, as many Super Sentai shows were. Rather, it was about a group of Humans who came from an ancient civilization that existed during the time of the dinosaurs 170 million years ago. The 5 heroes—Boi, Mei, Dan, Goushi, and Geki—were placed in suspended animation following the sealing away of their evil rival, the witch Bandora, only to reawaken in ‘90s Japan, following Bandora’s escape. Each hero represented one of 5 prehistoric “Guardian Beasts”, and they invoked their powers to summon giant robot dinosaurs and battle Bandora’s alien forces from a planet named Nemesis.


Occult breakdown of the Power Rangers movie. Their colors reflect chakra colors. (ignore the gold shilling)

So the Haim Saban jew changes the story from ancient heros to modern, multicultural, K-12 plebs fighting "evil." The American Power Rangers series uses distinctly Jewish names. I'm suspicious of anything starting with a z.


Angel Grove, California is a fictional town in the Power Rangers Universe, the setting for much of the action of the Zordon Era of Power Rangers. Angel Grove is presumably based on Los Angeles or San Francisco, 

>but the town was shown as being settled by the British, a historical impossibility. 
>(British Israelism)

The population is 376,000 and the elevation is 241 ft. According to a computer trivia program it was established in 1775, another historical impossibility. 

In the show, Angel Grove is the home of the Power Rangers, who for most of the series attend Angel Grove High School, the exteriors of which were shot at Grant High School in Los Angeles. 

>Angel Grove is also close to the site of the Command Center (Power Chamber), the Power Rangers' base of operations, exteriors of which were shot at the Brandeis-Bardin Institute, a Jewish religious retreat in the Los Angeles area. 

Angel Grove was the setting of the villains' attacks until "Countdown to Destruction" (the Power Rangers in Space finale). It has also been stated Leo Corbett (the Red Lost Galaxy Ranger) that most of Terra Venture's space colonists are former Angel Grove residents seeking a new home - to get away from all the alien and monster attacks on Earth. 

The location of Angel Grove also experienced a huge climate shift in its history, as seen in certain episodes where some of the Rangers travel back in time. During colonial times, the city was surrounded by a lush green forest, but in the Wild West era, Angel Grove was located in a desert, suggesting the climate became much dryer. 
>(the Middle East)

The myth of Tammuz and Ishtar is one of the earliest examples of the dying-god allegory, probably antedating 4000 B. C. (See Babylonia and Assyria by Lewis Spence.) The imperfect condition of the 
tablets upon which the legends are inscribed makes it impossible to secure more than a fragmentary account of the Tammuz rites. Being the esoteric god of the sun, Tammuz did not occupy a position among the first deities venerated by the Babylonians, who for lack of deeper knowledge looked upon him as a god of agriculture or a vegetation spirit. Originally he was described as being one of the guardians of the gates of the underworld. Like many other Savior-Gods, he is referred to as a "shepherd" or "the lord of the shepherd seat." Tammuz occupies the remarkable position of son and husband of Ishtar, the Babylonian and Assyrian Mother-goddess. Ishtar--to whom the planer Venus was sacred--was the most widely venerated deity of the Babylonian and Assyrian pantheon. She was probably identical with Ashterorh, Astarte, and Aphrodite. The story of her descent into the underworld in search presumably for the sacred elixir which alone could restore Tammuz to life is the key to the ritual of her Mysteries.

The myth of Ishtar symbolizes the descent of the human spirit through the seven worlds, or spheres of the sacred planets, until finally, deprived of its spiritual adornments, it incarnates in the physical body--Hades--where the mistress of that body heaps every form of sorrow and misery upon the imprisoned consciousness. The waters of life--the secret doctrine--cure the diseases of ignorance; and the spirit, ascending again to its divine source, regains its God-given adornments as it passes upward through the rings of the planets.

This is from Manly Palmer Hall Secret Teachings of All Ages


German poet Goethe once said about The Magic Flute, “If the multitude find pleasure only in what is actually visible, the initiated will not fail to perceive the higher meaning.” Those “initiated” are none other than the Freemasons.

Mozart became a Mason in December 1784 and was an active member until his death seven years later. Freemasonry in Mozart’s time was driven by a desire to spread the ideals of the Enlightenment – reason, tolerance, and humanism. Mozart found solace in these principles as he dealt with the passing of his father, troubles in his marriage, and his ever-growing debt. It is no surprise then that his later works became saturated with Masonic themes. The Magic Flute is certainly no exception.

Written at a time when Freemasonry was condemned and discredited, The Magic Flute has been called an “Enlightenment allegory, veiled in masonic ritual.”

>Mozart didn’t limit his Masonic nods to just the abstract allegorical level. Freemason rituals and symbolism are scattered throughout the opera. Take the number three, for example. This numeral, an important figure to the Masons, occurs again and again: the main character Tamino is rescued by three ladies and guided along his journey by three boys; he must endure three trials to join the brotherhood; the snake representing ignorance is cut into three pieces. Mozart even goes so far as to write the work in a key signature with three flats.

The Magic Flute, meant to epitomize the meaning of Freemasonry, was Mozart’s last completed composition. He fell ill two days after its premiere. He died after the show’s 67th performance. One hypothesis regarding Mozart’s death is that Masons poisoned him for revealing their secrets.