Isaac Kappy - Murdered / The Pedo Place is Real #ANONS

saac Kappy, the “Thor” actor who choked Paris Jackson and accused Steven Spielberg of abuse, has died after jumping off of a bridge in Arizona. Kappy’s death was confirmed in a statement from the Arizona Department of Public Safety on May 14. Kappy killed himself on May 13.

The ADPS said that troopers were called to milepost 185 at Transwestern Road at 7:26 a.m. after hearing reports that a man had jumped from a bridge over the interstate in Bellemont, Arizona, and had been hit by a car. At the time of his death, Kappy was 42 years old. Bellemont is located around 10 miles west of Flagstaff.

revelations” about his character. Kappy said that despite believing himself to be a good person, the truth is that he had “not been a good guy.” Kappy said that he has used people, owed money, dealt drugs and “abused” his body with narcotics, cigarettes and alcohol.

Kappy said that he “supposedly” wanted to make America great, but neglected to make himself great. He remarks about one specific recent incident that caused him trauma but does not elaborate on what happened. Kappy said that the act “cost him everything.” He goes on to say that he had “gambled away” his future.

In another section, Kappy makes reference to the “Q movement.” Kappy says he is “so sorry” for having “brought shame upon the greatest military operation of all time.” Kappy says that he outed pedophiles who were former friends but that he “remained in their sphere for much longer” than he should have.

Yeah and you realize Turkey is like one of the Illuminati's HQs right ? I dunno what it is about to Turkey but there is HUGE secret society shit that goes on in that country. I saw it when I was there like 20 years ago, there was all types of documentaries playing in Greece about it and the 90s were littered with undercover videos of rituals and shit like that taking place.. They even have a frikkin soap opera modeled after the elites I forget what it's called. You can find it on youtube I'm sure, you'll know you have the right video when there's a bunch of guys dressed in red cloaks with a guy getting prosecuted in the middle and then stabbed to death by one of the members while the overseer stands above in a green lit room... This is TV for these people lol

Kappy makes a direct reference to President Donald Trump saying, “I have told people in the Trump administration that I am willing to admit to my many crimes in a public setting, and committed to execution, in a public setting. A nation cannot suffer its traitors, and I am no exception.” Kappy concludes by saying that he squandered his talents and that he has “betrayed” Jesus.

The Arizona Daily Sun reports that two teenagers who were driving close to where Kappy took his own life, attempted to physically restrain him. Arizona Department of Public Safety told the Daily Sun, “We don’t know why Mr. Kappy took his own life.” Local authorities have described Kappy’s case as closed. There were no other injuries as a result of Kappy’s actions.

According to Kappy’s IMDb page, he had appeared in small roles in movies such as “Thor” and “Terminator Salvation” as well as having a role in an episode of “Breaking Bad.” Kappy’s last role was in a 2016 episode of “Rachel Dratch’s Late Night Snack.” In his acting career, Kappy was represented by Mitchell & Associates Talent.

The band was formed in 2009 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, after Kappy met guitarist Nate Santa Maria when the latter was organizing a karaoke night in a bar, according to a feature in Local Flavor Magazine. In that feature, Kappy said that he had been a viola prodigy and had received a scholarship to the University of Arizona but dropped out at 19 to attend the University of New Mexico.

Why can't I find an article relating his suicide to his whistleblowing on Hollywood Pedophilia?

I'm sorry, but this dude always kinda struck me as a loon. Just the live streaming with his face in the phone, his squirrelly voice, unkempt beard and overall disassociated demeanor screamed schizoid drug user who new some hollywood elites and got bored and started claiming he had "insider info" when they most likely just kicked him out of their parties because he was an autistic goober. 

What do you think? Was this guy actually legit or did (((they))) got em boys?

Seth Green had him killed for exposing him for being a secret pedo tangler in pizzagate.
A person in his position should have gone undercover and then blown the lid off everything with some real evidence/recordings/etc
They tricked him into betraying his followers by giving away their info and then drugged him into feeling so guilty about it he committed suicide

this was his dead mans switch apparently. 

He posted this somehwere before he died.

This looks pretty legit yall. Legit gave me chills. A glimpse into that Epstien world.

sadly, if thats his deadman switch, then its not very good
Short of one of the parents going "what the fuck?" it can be too easily explained away as a turkish bath, as ive seen a lot of anons say already, personally i dont buy the turkish bath thing at all, but still its not exactly concrete

I think the article said
He FORCED HIMSELF (they're laughing with that one. So smuggies) off the bridge.

Also, may I comp you a bump of sushi?

He outed Q as being a (((government))) psyop and then he killed himself.

Check out Randy Quaid... He's one of the rare few that fought the evil in Hollywood and won.

Kappy forced himself off the Transwestern Road bridge onto Interstate 40 where he was struck by a Ford pickup truck, DPS spokesperson Bart Graves confirmed on Tuesday morning.

Authorities said two teenagers driving by got out of their vehicle and tried to physically restrain Kappy from jumping, but failed. No one else was injured during the incident and the investigation has been closed.

Kappy was also formerly the lead singer of the band Monster Paws. The band paid tribute to Kappy with a brief post on their Facebook page that read, “MP forever Issac. I’ll miss you homie.” The last post on the page advertised a gig for the band in December 2013. In the about section, the band described themselves as sounding “like yet winning something.”

constantly texting Jackson and that she was responding because she was worried that he was suicidal. Eventually, Jackson stopped responding as the messages continued. TMZ says that Jackson eventually blocked Kappy’s number and opted to have armed security with her at all times.

Kappy said in a 2011 interview that “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson was among his favorite songs.

Kappy was 'ok' for someone who admitted to being 'seduced' by the dark side. Remember him for that AND what he did and tried to do for the rest. Let what happened to him be a lesson to you! This isn't a game, we're playing for keeps and we go all the way on this one...

RIP Kappy, you had a conscience and it served the children well...

The gamble was guessing that his Hollywood friends were raping kids and that telling the world would be a good idea. After that he has no job and no friends, and very few people believe him because he didn't bother playing along just long enough to do some undercover filming of shady shit for proof. Even if he didn't die, his life was pretty much over.

One thing you anons should know, pedos rule the world, most are extremely intelligent and if you mess with them bad things will happen to you.

I'm just saying, keep yourselves safe, god will sort them out.

I watched a few of his streams. I’m just now learning he died. He was off for sure, but not schizophrenic off. It’s hard to believe he actually died after all the shit he said. I honestly think the Seth green stuff he said holds some water now. Guy had multiple stories of Seth and his wife. One including a hidden room for “the kids” or some shit. They never had kids of their own. Spooky shit

Yeah. Maybe I should have been little more clear. Schizo gets thrown around to easily here. He was simply kinda "off". Too many of his videos consist of him ranting for like 2 hours and you're like >"GET TO THE FUCKING POINT MAN. Start naming names an dropping intel."

Though I found it somewhat hard to believe, his story about seth and his wife was his most memorable creepypasta.

you're speaking to the one and only Dr. GFA-kken himself! That's right, Dr. GFA-kken, THE undisputed master of psychological torture through slews of mindless questions, has found enough love in my heart to forgive you on behalf of my poor assumptions slash trigger-happy posting patterns. But, speaking of the devil, when the fuck will the next /HTG/ thread show up? I'm pretty sure that the only way to directly communicate with and to A5 is through /HTG/ threads. Ask him about me the next time you see him, he might just tell you something surprisingly important ;)…… or something about my unhealthy obsession with Disney cartoons, who knows?

I met him a few times and partied at his house once several years ago. I saw his posts on FB when he first started going gung ho on Trump. Mostly Anti Clinton Crime Family, anti Big Tech, anti ZOG wars stuff at the height of the election. Then I saw him at the bar a while back and told him people had his back (before the Seth Green, Paris Jackson stuff). He was cool, rambled for a bit about politics with me and really didn't seem much different than his old self. That being said he did always seem crazy from the first time I met him. Was always a Schizo kinda dude with his eyes darting all over the place. There may be some truth to the stuff he was saying and it did take courage to take on pedowood. Whatever he knew he couldn't live with it or himself.

Wish I had reached out to him again. Feelsbadman. R.I.P Issac.

It's a real place!

Mardan Palace in Turkey.

So heres what i got from the information in the vid
>all girls whilte/caucasian, likely from north america or europe
>Ages 5-8, no make up toe nail painting or tattoos
>All girls seem to have wet hair, but girls in back have brades. previously swimming?
>2 visible girls wearing standardized metalic bracelets, possibly marking and numbering them apart
> grates in floor, marble and electric suggest high level of costly infrastructure, likely within in second or first world.

More to come if i can figure anything find anything else.